Monday Morning Coffee – Weeding the Garden

If you want a good crop of vegetables from your garden, Weeding is necessary.

Wouldn’t it be great if gardening was as easy as turning the soil of a swatch in your back yard, sowing a variety of seeds, and turning on the sprinkler every morning for 30 minutes?

That’s fantasy thinking because without a few hours of pulling weeds every week or so, the weeds will outgrow the intended crop and steal the resources (Sunlight, water, Root space) and create a nice haven for invaders (bugs and varmints) to complete the kill of your precious vegetable plants.

So . . . If you detest the notion of weeding, you’ll probably serve yourself and your family better by getting your vegetables from the Farmer’s Market rather than investing time, energy, and money into a project that yields . . . well . . . nothing.

This principle applies in most every facet of our lives.

We might call it different things:

  • Weeds
  • Space Invaders
  • Cogs in the Wheel
  • 3rd Wheels

Only by consistently and persistently weeding our figurative gardens can we enjoy more of our delicious, home-grown vegetables.

Weeding opens space for more of what and who MATTER most to us by reducing the NOISE and DISTRACTIONS created by all of the things (and people) who matter less.

Sure! It’s easier not to weed because you wouldn’t then have to deal with the uncomfortable by-products of having to CHOOSE . . . which indubitably means having to say: “NO!” more often.

Is this selfish?

Is there anything wrong with self preservation?

I say not!

How can you be your best YOU if you’re surrounded (and covered up by) WEEDS?

Weed your garden regularly and you’ll be a better vegetable.

We ALL can’t WAIT to see you shine 🙂

Hope you have a great week!



PS – Proper weeding requires a measure of “Unfriending” from Social Media . . . a smidgen of Database Deletions . . . and establishment of some boundaries with people and commitments.

It all begins with knowing who you are and where you are going followed by a resolute commitment to tend your garden consistently and persistently.

I’m facilitating a workshop beginning Wednesday March 5 and each of the following 5 Wednesdays in which we will explore and learn appropriate life gardening – Details are here:

Life Rhythm Workshop – Simple Personal & Professional fulfillment

You’re invited!


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