Monday Morning Coffee – “Unleashing The Ideavirus”

Good Morning!

Are we going to make it through a week without SNOW here in Middle TN?

All of the snow resulted in more distractions than usual for this time of year for me (Kids out of school and icey roads) and has caused me to do more of something I really enjoy doing – READING!

Seeing the writing on the wall, I started my own little book club last month, picked a book, and had a meeting . . . That was fun, so we’re doing it again this month. Meetings are each 1st Thursday @ 11:00 @ Panera in The Mall at Green Hills. Join us if you’re free.

I invite you to read the books even if you have no intention of coming to the meeting. Most of these books will have some relevance to business but also relevance to Life Rhythm because I’m a believer that it’s all gotta work together.

This month’s book is a fun book entitled “Unleashing the Ideavirus” by Seth Godin. You can either buy or download a free copy of the book at the link.

I imagine that every human being out there has some semblance of a “personal CAUSE” . . . a reason for being . . . a purpose . . . and that this cause is most often the carrot that keeps us moving whether it be business or personal or a blend.

I coach (and preach from my blog) a LOT about the importance of clarity of focus and that until you’ve got that, moving forward will be difficult. this is definitely critical when diving into the process of Buying or selling a home.

Finding this clarity of focus can be an excruciating exercise for most folks because of all the NOISE around us – Marketing messages, family, friends, News, Life happening, the need to make enough money to keep food on the table and a roof over the head . . . It’s ALL very distracting to anyone interested in finding (and staying on) the Path to their “Big Why” . . . their CAUSE!

The Ideavirus has some big and easy to understand and implement ideas that, while business oriented, hold some magical and very simple components to help ANYONE discover and move forward their OWN ideavirus . . .

For me, this is exciting because my ideavirus is to help folks achieve High performance in life through establishing an appropriate Life Rhythm such that their lives hum along like a favorite song. I believe the HOME is a crucial component of this life rhythm and so I infuse my Real Estate Sales practice and the model of Pareto Realty with a large dose of Life Rhythm.

You’ll have to read the book to get the full flavor, but I’ll tease you with the 8 components Seth Goding presents.

1. Sneezers – Who are the people you know who if they knew about your cause (idea) would be the most likely people to help you spread your word? These are people who have influence over other people and can be invaluable if they believe in you and your idea.

2. The Hive – Who are the people “out there” whose beliefs are in alignment with yours? These are the folks who have the same cause . . . and all are looking for an opportunity to be “united we stand” for this cause. Where are they and how can you engage them (psst: the Sneezers can help you assemble the hive) instead of just shouting out to the whole world?

3. Velocity – What’s the fastest way you can get your word out there? Are there other groups already assembled that you can join . . . with parallel causes? Websites . . . Should you write a blog?

4. Vector – What’s the direction you want this “hive” to flow. When you say “moving forward”, where is “forward?

5. Medium – What’s the playing field? The terrain? Obstacles? What path is the path of least resistance?

6. Smoothness – How “put together” are you and your idea? It’s always messy at the beginning (which is completely excusable). but the goal is to gain clarity to the extent that your idea/cause is VERY easily understood with a simple sentence. Also . . . how easy is it for others to spread the word? What can they say that communicates the real essence of your cause. You want to make it as easy as possible for other people to talk about you and your cause,

7. Persistence – This includes what I might call “sticktoitiveness” . . . staying in the game for the long haul . . . being adaptable to whatever the external environment throws at you . . . Light on your feet . . . rolling with the punches . . . always with a consistent vector . . . unfaltering and confidently moving forward.

8 Amplification – When it’s time . . . How can you TURN THE VOLUME UP to reach a larger audience in order to increase the size of your hive?

These ideas work in both our personal and business worlds . . .

Whatcha gonna do with’m?

I’m just sayin’



PS: I and the members Pareto Realty hold true to a belief that HIGH PERFORMANCE is the only way to be in this unpredictable economic environment . . . We focus on our personal and professional life rhythm such that we can help others find the same . . . and often this manifests with a smooth process @ Buying and/or selling a home – Please contact me if you you anyone pondering a move any time in the next couple of years –

It’s never too early to start the process!

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