Monday Morning Coffee – Turning up the volume

Good Monday Morning!

Today, I am writing from “a different place” than yesterday.

After some months of development, we flipped the switch and migrated our web address from a to a site.

While this may seem less than momentous (Not much to squawk about), it DOES have some significance . . .

We’re turning up the volume with our Internet presence . . . one small step (.com to .org) on the surface . . . one GIANT step towards our “Web Cloud Development.”

For most folks, this will be most noticable by a new and different looking Website (Simple) with the most ostensible change being a map of Nashville and the ability for folks to search for real Estate Listings.

The blog site will continue to scroll as before (but with FAR more visibility to the search engines).

Why is this change GOOD?

This is the platform from which we will be launching an impressive array Real Estate and Local Community oriented web tools . . . and will serve our Real Estate Clients with a web presence that is international in scale. will become more useful every day as a Real Estate resource and as a destination for Middle Community news, events, and local businesses.

Coming soon:

  • Nashville’s Vital Few – A Video Blog Business Directory to spotlight Locally Owned and Operated businesses
  • Local Events Calendar
  • Enhanced Property search cababilities
  • A fresh series of OST Conferences for REALTORS and Local Businesses to come together to explore local issues and opportunitie in our market.
All of the above is in the name of serving our clients (our Community) when, where, and how they want and need to be served.
We know that the best we can ALL do in today’s economy is to COMMUNICATE – Interact with MORE people in our LOCAL market in a GENUINE way.
Our commitment is to create space for these interactions and relationships to bud and thrive . . . and our belief is that it is through this way that we will ALL be able to “TURN UP THE VOLUME” here in Middle Tennessee regardless of the shenanigans happening in other cities.
Let’s just DO IT!
Hoping y’all have a great week!
PS . . . Change can be messy . . . Visit our website frequently and you’ll witness that mess taking shape quickly

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