Monday Morning Coffee (Tuesday Edition) – Joust Memorial Parade

Good Tuesday Morning to ya!

I hope you had a great (LONG and RELAXING)  Memorial Day weekend as we all celebrated and remembered the fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting our Country and freedom.

Monday Morning Coffee comes on Tuesday morning this week because we headed out early yesterday morning to the final day of The Renaissance Festival

The weather was BEAUTIFUL – Not too hot and plenty of Sunshine. Everyone at the Festival was in good Spirits, and we thoroughly enjoyed frolicking with the fairies and immersing ourselves in that mystical world.

Somehow, we seemed to have had a sprinkling of fairy dust as we were fortunate enough to have great timing almost everywhere we went (no long waits).

We saved watching the jousting til last . . . not because of any detailed plan – it just happened that way.

There was something special about the joust . . . VERY special!

Joust fLAG

The organizers of the Festival deserve a standing HUZAH for the surprise they sprung on us . . . a veritable Jousting Memorial Day Parade.

They had assembled a group of US Armed Forces Veterans from each of the Branches of our Military and had each present their colors in the opening ceremony.

It began with a presentation of “Old Glory” . . . Followed by An array of all of the other flags . . . Each one carried by a decorated Veteran from the respective Branch


This presentation literally took my breath, brought tears to my eyes, reminded me of my years of service, and confirmed for me (and I think ALL

Current, former, and deceased members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America) that we DID, in fact, make a difference as we served our country.

Joust Flag 2Later, we talked as a family about the meaning of Veteran’s day, and one of our daughters mentioned that not all deceased military people died in combat . . . some died in training accidents or other non-combat related events.

It occurred to me that many people might not understand that ALL members of US Armed Forces are on ONE team, and the role of EVERY member is CRUCIAL for Mission Accomplishment . . . Those in combat are only able to do what they do if

220px-USN_-_Flag_of_the_USN_with_Fringeeveryone else does THEIR jobs – Transportation, logistics, maintenance, mess (food), Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Admin, Supply . . . etc etc etc

This is a COMBINED force!

Just as in any organization (Sports Team, Business), it must be “ALL for ONE and ONE


for ALL”

So . . . Enjoy your freedom!

and remember why you have it!

and . . . THANK YOU to the good folks at The Renaissance Festival for offering

220px-USCG_-_Flag_with_Fringesuch a moving and appropriate homage to ALL of our National Heroes.





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