Monday Morning Coffee – To Spiral IN or To Spiral OUT?

One of my favorite parts of being a REALTOR is the “Thrill of the hunt” with Home Buyers and Sellers. For some Real Estate Sales professionals, this can be exasperating . . . they just want the client to FOCUS and BUY – QUICKLY!

I love the fact that there are no 2 Home Buyers/Sellers the same.

Each client is unique.

Some come to the process FOCUSED and dialed in on the goal (The bright light in the middle). They know EXACTLY what they want, WHEN they want to move, WHERE they want to live, and how much they are willing to pay for it. These folks can draw a VERY detailed picture of their “Ultimate Scenario” . . . The Goal is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Let’s call these folks our “Vortex clients”

On the other end of the spectrum are the folks who have no clue whatsoever as to much (perhaps ANY) definition as to what the end looks like . . . But they know they would like to move or may be in a situation which is forcing them to move (Job relocation, “Life Happens” event). These ones have the appearance of being UNFOCUSED, goal-less meanderers in the process – We’ll call these folks our “Spiral Clients.” They are starting on the outside and working their way in.

After 50 years of human experience and 20 years of Real Estate Sales Professional experience (working with Home Buyers and sellers), My conclusion is that as long as the professional (The person guiding the process) is equipped to serve the client regardless of said client’s level of FOCUS or lack thereof, the process can be equally FUN and rewarding (Reaching a happy ending). It’s up to the pro to meet the client where the client is instead of plugging every client into a machine that assumes all people make decisions by the same process . . . EVERY client is unique, therefore EVERY client is like a “box of chocolates” . . . and EVERY Home Buying/Selling experience is an adventure.

There might be a Mathematician or Physicist who will disagree with some of what I say about Spiral/Vortex dynamics – Please note that we’re going to keep things simple as general theory.

Also . . . Keep in mind that I’m talking about Home Buyers and Sellers, and I believe that the concept I discuss here applies to ALL people who are living and breathing beings making decisions/choices in life. This is how we ALWAYS have come to conclusions that resonate with who we are.

Are you “VORTEX” or “SPIRAL” in the context I present?

This can be counter-intuitive. Most people think that the “Vortex Clients” will be EASIER transactions because they are FOCUSED.

Maybe not!

If that focus is not realistic in today’s market . . . and the focus is SO dialed in that it is a “fixation” on THAT and ONLY THAT, then this can be a long adventure of hunting for that elusive needle in the haystack of the marketplace. The challenge becomes one of helping the client understand that the reality is that they may have to relinquish some of the components of their goal . . . That most of something is better than ALL of nothing.

This is tough work . . . It’s swimming upstream in a Vortex and can become an arduous task for everyone.

The flip side of that coin is that the focus is completely realistic and available . . . a Salesperson’s dream . . . and a FAST and easy completion.

Similarly counter-intuitive is the “Spiral client” as most people would dread the notion of dealing with a person who appears to have NO focus other than a desire (or need) to move. This sounds like a LOT of work but with the help of a trained professional can be a LOT of FUN.

Starting on the outside and spiraling in towards focus and completion.

Any way you look at it is a worthy undertaking . . . We’re not in a “one process fits all” world.

These are applications of some VERY old ideas.

Because I sometimes think too much, I thought I’d do some digging.

Archimedes (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) 2,250ish years ago played with the math.

Since then, many others have been intrigued by the compounding power of spiral/vortex thinking. If you want to blow your mind, here’s a nice blog post that scratched the surface.


Almost ALL great thinkers drive themselves nuts around these concepts, and all of them concede that these concepts are not “optional” just as the force of gravity is not optional. It shows up in nature from the largest of galaxies to the smallest shellfish.

This is big stuff that I find useful to contemplate as I go about the business of helping Home Buyers and Sellers navigate this process.

It all boils down a few simple steps:

Begin with Needs and Wants analysis.

Determine FOCUS

Bring it real throughout the process.

Have FUN along the way!

If you are contemplating a move any time in the future, give me a call . . .

I’d be honored to spiral with ya and promise that I’ll do without forcing you into a box (process) that doesn’t fit you.




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