Monday Morning Coffee – TIME – and what Matters

Good Morning!

Like it or not, we each have the same amount of TIME every day – 24 Hours . . .

The same number of days each week – 7 . . .

Why do some folks seem to get SO much more done with their 24/7 than others?

What’s the secret?

Yesterday, we (My family) made it to church on time. It’s an unusual occurrence, but we did it . . . Glad we did because we heard some “Time/What Matters wisdom” from an amazing man. It just so happened that this particular Mass would have 2 Bishops and a Cardinal presiding.

What first got my attention was embedded in one of the readings (Italics):

He is the stone rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone.” (Acts of apostles 4:8-12(50B)

Of course the “HE” in this quote references Jesus Christ . . . and of course as with most all quotes from scripture, there’s plenty of relevant “real world now” significance.

As always seems to be the case, I always hear JUST what I need to hear when I attend Mass . . . “HE” is “What MATTERS” . . .

A few minutes later the cardinal delivered the Homily with a very thick accent which made it difficult to understand . . . This compelled me to LISTEN more carefully . . . To pay closer ATTENTION . . . To FOCUS on capturing the main message so as to extract what MATTERS in his message.

With great clarity, I heard a little “tough love” in the middle of this homily:

Why do you spend an hour each day with your newspaper but not 15 minutes with your Rosary?


How much time do we all spend on banal activities – Watching mindless TV – Caught up in talk show chatter . . . ????


How much time do we spend on things that MATTER?

Like Life Rhythm (Personal Focus on Purpose and well being)

Personal Spirituality . . .

or quality time with family and friends . . . ?

or quiet time just THINKING about what’s next . . . Prioritizing?

I think for most people who are anxious and unsettled about “stuff” in their lives – a little more time for prayer and focus on things that matter might be just the ticket 🙂

Just sayin’



PS – I start every day/week/Month/Quarter/Year with a bit of time in solitude to think these thoughts . . . and to plan and prioritize what’s next . . . THIS is the discipline of Life Rhythm.

All under the heading of encouraging you to intentionally live a “high Performance Life”


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