Monday Morning Coffee – The intersection of Rhetoric and best practices

Back in the days of school as I plowed through homework doing math problem after math problem, diagramming sentences in English class, learning a dead language (Latin), learning scientific formulas and elements and physics . . . and then in college the BORING and nonsensical economics classes and world lit and calculus . . . This list could go on . . .

I often asked myself the questions:

“What’s the point?”

“When will I EVER use ANY of this in the REAL WORLD?”

The truth is . . . I DON”T use much of any of it out here in the “Real World,” yet I can see each and every day how all of it together contributed to where and who I am now.

Some folks become disenfranchised with the world of “Academia” because they believe that the job of the educators is to prepare them for their future job . . . and when they get “out there” they find that they don’t need to use much of what they learned . . . Is this a RACKET?

There’s a disconnect that’s worth noting . . .

In the world of academia, the “preaching” is one of learning accumulated collective knowledge – a rhetoric that rings true for the educators.

In the “real world”, folks must “preach out of their own background and experiences.” Each individual comes to the table with a completely unique “Charism”  “extraordinary graces given to individuals (by God) for the good of others.”

This line of thinking isn’t nearly as black and white as I’m making it sound because the most successful and effective leaders are those who understand the disconnect to the degree that they have one foot in the world of academia and the other foot in the “real world”

These folks develop a rhythm of their own which I generally refer to a simple “going to the well to give and receive knowledge” (Continuing Education – academia) . . . and then taking that knowledge out into their “real world” and applying it to their work/art.

The short sighted (and less successful) ones amongst us deny the “other world”

When Educators deny the doers, the knowledge base loses its luster, gets stale

When the doers deny the Educators, they often end up recreating a wheel.

In my industry (Real Estate Sales), I can assure you that NONE of the pre-licensing education can teach a new Real Estate agent how to sell houses much less how to “run” a real estate sales career.

It’s up to the agents to create their own independent businesses with the Academia of regular continuing education (CE) along with a healthy dose of Mentoring and Coaching from other experienced Real Estate Professionals.

Same goes (I’m guessing) for most every career out there . . . including YOURS!

Are you going to your well when you’re thirsty?

PS – I have been developing a “way” of navigating these waters called “The Life Rhythm Way” which begins with inviting folks to explore BIG questions like “Who am I?” “What is my Life Purpose?” “What are my goals?” . . . and then offers some cool tools for managing Time, Energy, and Money and a healthy serving of how to DO (Working IN your Business and working ON your business) – I deliver this program in the form of a 6 session workshop each quarter . . . the cost is low and the benefit HIGH . . . also am available for individual or group coaching, speaking, and retreat facilitation


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