Monday Morning Coffee – The “Intel Inside” of Pareto Realty (and “fixing” the Economy)

Good Monday Morn!

For anyone who knows me (or has inquired: “Why “Pareto” Realty?“), knows I’m a wonderer (perhaps also wanderer) and perpetual student of the 80:20 Principle.

It’s ALL 80:20!” . . .

In virtually EVERYTHING, this principle applies.

A disproportionate percentage of the people/Organizations accomplish the lion’s share of the productivity -“The Vital Few” (20%) VS those ho don’t – “the trivial Many” (80%).

I’ve mixed this Pareto Principle with another body of theory known worldwide as Open space Technology (Discovered by my father Harrison Owen) and the “Ways” of the FourFold Way – Angeles Arrien.

Through the years, these principles have swirled in my head as I’ve wandered in wonderment through life with eyes WIDE OPEN observing the simple truths they tell.

My BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) is that real things get done when we invite Passion to manifest and encourage folks to take responsibility . . . first by SHOWING UP and BEING PRESENT!

It is through the creation of “Safe Space” that people and organizations shine and operate “in their 20%”

so . . . How do we create this safe space?

How can we invite people to said safe space such that their passion and wisdom converge and stew into a collective wisdom more powerful than any of the folks could possibly have individually imagined . . . in a fraction of the time it would take more conventional approaches?

Fostering a Living System may very well be the key, and while I could write another 15 paragraphs (or a book) about these theories, it seems more efficient to invite you to invest 18 minutes listening to Tova Averbuch in her recent TED talk . . . She NAILS it! (below)

It is through THIS level of thinking that I see all of us at all levels (Community – Local, Regional, National, Global) “Fixing” what ain’t working – the old fashioned way . . .
Human interaction and touch

Just sayin’



PS – Pareto Realty is a revolution of its own . . . Taking Real Estate Sales back to the people as we truly do focus on one relationship at a time . . . and we continually INVITE others to journey with us . . . Home Buyers and Sellers . . . Real Estate Professionals . . . and any other like minded folks who find all of this “Pareto Speak” interesting.
and the Middle TN Real Estate market is alive and well . . . Know anyone who’s considering a move?
NOW is a fantastic time to do it, and we are poised and ready to serve 🙂

Opening Space to Collective Wisdom – Tova Averbuch

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