Monday Morning Coffee – Thanksgiving!

Any way you look at it, we’ve all got a LOT to be Thankful for.







The Weather

Our jobs


Financial position

Our talents

Of course, not everyone reading this has had “fulfillment” in all of the above this year.

We have each experienced ups and downs in virtually every one of these facets.

The good news is that we are still above the surface (Better than being 6 foot under) and have weathered all of the storms we have faced in the past year . . . this week is the week we give thanks for our harvest.

I invite you too pause your Christmas preparations long enough to spend this week considering and giving thanks for YOUR bountiful Harvest of 2012.

Think of your victories – Celebrate those.

Acknowledge your losses (defeats) and celebrate your learnings from them.

Then . . .

Shift gears and resolve to make 2013 better than ’12.

What will it take to do whatever it takes?

Dream it NOW so you can be thankful for achieving it next year 🙂

PS – This is NOT an invitation to launch yourself on a “Goal-Setting” rampage . . .

Dream – Envision the possibilities . . . and resolutely make up your mind to go there by this time next year.


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