Monday Morning Coffee – Parks, Greenways, and Quality of Life

Good morning!

The highlight of this weekend was a family bicycle ride down the Stones River Greenway.

Something significant happened this week in Nashville – the heat wave broke and cooler, breezier weather moved in . . . When weather like that moves in, people head OUT of their air conditioned spaces and play more.

This is a rare mid-August treat, and we selfishly want this to be the beginning of FALL 🙂

The bike ride was Deb’s idea. She had mentioned that we should take a picnic lunch and go for a ride in the park Sunday afternoon.

Tumbling through my head were all of the reasons I could think of NOT to do this (I was still stuck in the mindset that it’s “Hot and Icky out there”).

After all, there’s all this STUFF that needs to be done around the house – All of the bicycles have flat tires, and I don’t know where the pump is . . . .

and then the clincher . . . Deb mused out loud “Won’t all the bikes fit on our car rack?” . . . OMG! Panic set in . . . She wants me to attach the bike rack to the car . . .  load the bikes on it . . . pump up the tires . . . and we are going to DRIVE somewhere to ride our bikes.

That’s when Jessica ruined my strongest argument – She walked in from the garage carrying a car operated , electric tire pump . . .

Defeated, I installed the rack and loaded the bikes.

Deb drove us to the Percy Priest Dam – where we found a trail-head.

That bike ride was nothing short of AWESOME!

Every time I step out of my little “comfort bubble” (or get dragged from it kicking and screaming) I come away from it glad that I did.

Isn’t it crazy how much of a “rut” we can get ourselves into without even knowing? . . . Kinda like boiling a frog.

So . . .

This week . . . Think of something different to do and force yourself to do it.

I have a suggestion . . . If you’re in the Nashville area, head to a park or Greenway and take a walk or a bike ride . . . and bask in our good fortune of having so many great out-door playgrounds.

Psst – Did you know the Mayor has a plan to add 25 (TWENTY FIVE) MORE parks and connect the Greenway System to run the whole Banks of the Cumberland River from Bellevue to Percy Priest?

Yet another reason to love living in Nashville 🙂


Just sayin’



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