Monday Morning Coffee – “Not Giving Up” (a Strategy)

Games can be won simply by not giving up.

Even if the team is having a bad day, a bad quarter, or just bad luck, the momentum of the game can turn on a dime simply by implementing the deadly strategy of refusing to give up.

This happens all the time – on sports fields – in contract negotiations – in “fights for life” against seemingly insurmountable odds with “terminal” ailments – and with people and organizations facing financial ruin in the face of a languishing economy.

I saw this play out on the soccer field yesterday afternoon as our 5th grade soccer stars found themselves being whupped by the other team (2-0 at the half). They had lots of “excuses” for their shortfall – This was a game that popped up out of nowhere (was not scheduled) – They were missing 4 of their best players and only had enough players to field the team (no subs). These players were tired and unmotivated.

Something happened at 1/2 time. I’d love to credit the coach for his inspirational speech, but in truth what he said was more along the lines of “don’t beat yourselves up – this game does not “count”  – Have FUN and do the best you can do . . . BUT . . . What changed the momentum of this game happened in the minds of our players . . . They decided not to rely on the excuses . . . Instead, they decided to WIN!

and so they rolled into the 2nd half and appeared to be a COMPLETELY different team than the one that was playing in the 1st half and they SCORED . . . and held the other team scoreless . . . and then with 1 minute left in the game, the other team had a “dangerous play foul” and our girls scored the game TIEING direct penalty kick.

The game ended in a tie.

At the end of the game, Coach praised them for not giving up and asked them what happened? Why were they so much better in the 2nd half?

the answer: “We were undefeated all year, and we didn’t want to end the year by losing a game.”

even with all of those (valid) excuses for giving up 🙂

Don’t give up!


When things get tough – PAUSE – and DECIDE to push through.

Tenacious Persistence is what it takes in this economy (the real estate market) for home buyers and sellers to succeed, and it is up to the real estate professionals to maintain the momentum.

Pareto realty is poised and ready to be THE resource for all things real estate for home buyers and sellers in Middle Tennessee – and we NEVER give up!

PS (a sneaky trick) – If you’re having a tough time moving forward and feeling defeated, don’t ever forget that you can change your mind and choose to perform better to swing that momentum back to you.

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