Monday Morning Coffee – No Foolin’

Good Monday Morning!

Tis the 2nd day of the 2nd quarter of 2012, and we’re ready to stop fooling around and get down to some REAL business. Exciting things are happening in our Local Middle Tennessee real estate market (no foolin’) . . . Our market is literally swarming with new activity.

Did you have fun yesterday?

For sure, the pranksters were full tilt yesterday . . . It was a veritable April Fools Day free for all.

Seth Godin “Got me” first before my eyes were fully open . . . I don’t really know why, but I broke routine and checked email first thing Sunday morning, and Seth’s post “Monetization and fairness” hit me square between the eyes – OUCH! I was guilty as charged and had thoughts of his attorneys ringing my bell any minute . . . Then I realized . . . April 1 (Fools Day)

I hung my head in shame having fallen for it that early in the day.

Then I saw William Cochran’s email: “Streaming from Evins Mill ~ A Truly Special Edition” – William’s writing is ALWAYS a treat to read (And Evins Mill is the quintessential “mountain getaway a short drive from Nashville“) . . . I was awake and alert . . . and AMAZED at the events he has hosted in the lodge in the past few weeks.

I couldn’t resist getting into the game so I decided to leak a BREAKING NEWS story relating to (Surprise Surprise) REAL ESTATE: Insider sources reveal plan to hike Mortgage interest Rates . . . Interestingly, I had RECORD hits on that post . . . but no comments . . . I hope no-one took it seriously 🙂

As the day unwound, it seemed that around every turn there was yet another surprise . . . Liz and Dave told their kids they were moving to an “All GREEN, Healthy diet” forever . . . and served them nothing but green food with no reference to April Fools Day . . . The kids nibbled at the food obediently . . . and seemed to be relieved when the truth surfaced.

Deb “got an opportunity to move us to Dubai for a couple of years” . . .

I heard that Mitt Romney’s staff got him all pumped for an event . . . and when he walked into the venue . . . NO ONE was there – Empty room.

Was ANYONE “safe” from the pranksters?

This week, we are turning “real” because there are “REAL” things happening. It’s time to make hay while the sun’s shining, and there’s plenty of hay to go around.

Think back to New Years Day . . . Did you make a resolution?

Any new and interesting goals for the year?

How are you doing?

Are you still on track?

Are you on the RIGHT track?

If not . . . Now’s a GREAT time to re-evaluate and get yourself back on track . . . or on the RIGHT track.

Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start . . . No Foolin’

Hope you have a tremendously productive week.



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