Monday Morning Coffee – Moving Forward

There’s a dichotomy facing all of us these days in this FAST FAST FAST world.

Seems EVERYTHING must be FAST . . .

We want it NOW . . . Delivered IMMEDIATELY!

Communication must happen with a few clicks and beeps of our complex hand-held toys – er – PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) . . . Those things we used to call “cell phones.”

Did it ever occur to you that you bought and pay monthly for that PDA for YOUR convenience (not other people’s)?

The new “Magic Pill” is electronic and has GPS capabilities so everyone everywhere can ALWAYS know What we are doing with whom and where.

and if there’s anything we can even dream that we want this device to do that it doesn’t already know how to do for us, we can indubitably find an “App for That.”

Just think!

5 years ago, could you even IMAGINE the power of these little devices? Did I hear correctly that those little things have more computing power than most main frame computers had 10 years ago?

Those little things are technological marvels that we all take for granted . . . We expect MORE MORE MORE and FASTER FASTER FASTER such that the product life cycle is now in the 6 month range . . . they’re “disposables” when the new model shows up – relegated to the junk yard.

Some folks would argue that everything I have said up to this point in this post is PROOF POSITIVE that our society has MOVED FORWARD by leaps and bounds in the past few years – and continues to do so at a blindingly fast pace to keep up with the insatiable hunger of the buying public.

My question (herein lies the aforementioned dichotomy):

Is this REALLY “moving forward?

Have we evolved to the point that all great things come effortlessly and FAST?


The new economic and political landscape are in-process teaching us a few things . . . We cannot even imagine what the future holds because it is not going to look ANYTHING like it looks now (or has looked in the past) . . . We will  NOT return to “the way things were” . . . EVER!

It’s time to re-create – to innovate – to re-learn creativity – to SLOW DOWN!

Remember that nothing of real significance has ever happened quickly.


Talk to anyone you know who has built an insanely successful career or business and ask her how long it took from original idea til today?

It’s OK to slow down and do it right . . . Think things through . . . Let ideas gestate . . . and build that thing one stone at a time.

It doesn’t have to be BIG (yet) . . . Let that happen when the time is right.

Many of the problems we all face now have to do with our behavior during times of prosperity – So many families and businesses striving for BIGGER and FASTER . . . and when the economy slowed, the momentum and hunger of those HUGE beasts swallowed all of the dwindling resources and the house of cards fell.

 All of the above to say:

If you wake up every with a steel resolve to do something every day to move yourself FORWARD . . . and you take action and actually DO something every day to move forward, you’ll wake up one day and absolutely marvel at how much you’ve done.

Consider this:


We ALL lack patience!

We are ALL rewarded when we practice patience . . . yet we forget!

Because the pace of the  “outside world” screams at us and tells us to go





I say: “Practice your Art EVERY day and keep on moving forward at YOUR pace . . . you’ll get “there”!”

Just sayin’



PS – My self-talk of “Patience and forward motion” is what keeps things rolling with the development of Pareto Realty. I know that this firm will be everything I have dreamed it will be – and more 🙂

We’ve just barely scratched the tip of this iceberg . . .

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