Monday Morning Coffee – Memorial Day Tribute

“Everyone has a Veteran in their life!”

I’m a Veteran who served 12 years and was fortunate not to have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I am thankful . . . and because of that I am ever more appreciative of those who have – Some 1.3 MILLION of them who have persevered and protected our way of life in the past and present . . . and continue to do so today even as we take the day off from work and BBQ or enjoy an extended weekend at the lake.

Whatever you do today . . . PLEASE do not take for granted the reason for this day off.

Here I sit on a quiet, foggy morning overlooking a placid lake somewhere in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountain National Forest sipping a steaming cup of coffee . . . and thinking in appreciation for the sacrifice of ALL of our soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty.

When I woke up this morning, writing my “Monday Morning Coffee” was top of mind . . .

What possibly could I have to say that would be meaningful (enough) on such an emotionally charged day?

What could I say that would bring awareness to others of the meaning of this day?

How could I instill a measure of appreciation of our children . . . and other folks who often don’t “get” the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day?

The key-note speaker says: “Service Continues”

“My new weapon is my scars – My Experience”

“Remember, Honor, and Appreciate those who never made it home” (alive)

I have an invitation and CHALLENGE!

Will you invest an hour of your day today to watch and listen to the tribute USAA has posted on their website this morning? (Below)

Gather your family and listen to the WHOLE thing (Even the slow/dull parts)

Then “Let it ALL hang out” and continue your Memorial Day Celebration with PURPOSE, Meaning, Honor, Respect, Appreciation . . . and had vow to your own PERSEVERANCE.

UNITED we Stand!

Here’s the video . . . I dare you to watch the whole thing.

Who’s the Veteran or fallen soldier YOU know?



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