Monday Morning Coffee – It’s Good To Hear Your Voice!

Email, Facebook, twitter, text and other social media are great conduits for information.

Sometimes, we can have meaningful conversations with our fingers poking the screen of our smartphones, but they’re less fulfilling than “the real thing.”

We can be playful and flirtatious . . . Tell stories and jokes.

In fact, some folks can go DAYS without ever having to encounter another human-voice-to-voice or face-to-face.

We REALTORS can negotiate real estate deals and coordinate transactions from Binding agreement date til the deal is CLOSED without ever meeting or talking.

Some folks do this with pride.

Most folks who do this find themselves to be more lonely and depressed than before.

Just because we CAN do most of our communication electronically,  should we?

REAL Human to Human interaction is the bomb.

So . . . Maybe you committed to a few New Years Resolutions this year (Maybe you didn’t), and it’s not too late to add on a few.

  • Let us hear more of your VOICE – CALL or visit on Birthdays or just because
  • Send the text or email when you’re simply communication information . . . CALL when you want to make a personal, intimate connection
  • Less Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter . . . More gatherings (Parties) and hugs

More of what MATTERS . . .

Happy New Year!

Let’s get together soon and catch up 🙂

PS: In my Real Estate Sales business and Brokerage of Pareto Realty, we are utilizing every available technology tool we can find to leverage our productivity and service to our clients . . . all the while focusing intently upon maintaining as much Human-to-Human interaction as possible when it matters most. Connect with me when you’re ready to make a move.

Published by Barry Owen

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