Monday Morning Coffee – Is the Economy poised to take another dive?

There are a lot of people who are a LOT smarter (more informed) than I with respect to the state of the National and Global Economy, and some are speaking (very persuasively) of imminent DOOM & GLOOM.


Yes! I’m aware of the mind-boggling National Deficit – and the crumbling European economies – and the realities that we have a LONG way to go in terms of unemployment (JOBS) and housing (Short Sales and Foreclosures) . . .

The intimidating part of it all is the sheer magnitude – The numbers are HUGE no matter how you slice them . . . and we ALL know that 72.36% of all statistics are made up (imagined/hallucinated) 🙂

What can we DO about this?

We (our Government) have collectively done our best to stall the macro-economic cycle, to slow it down enough to avert a DEEP depression . . . and we’ve succeeded swimmingly in delaying the inevitable. For sure, all of these “programs” have softened the blow for many people.

The cycle IS, in fact, going to do it’s thing – Maybe another dip (depression) followed by inflation . . . which will lead to growth . . .

I think what we can do is UNITE.

Abraham Lincoln said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.

This, of course, is easier said than done on the National level.

Let’s consider the local level . . . What if we were to collectively commit to our local economic development beginning with families – Streets – Neighborhoods – Towns – Cities – Regions . . .????

There’s not enough “space” in a Monday Morning Coffee blog musing to tackle all of this other than to invite appropriate action in the form of uniting against the common threat of continued Economic turmoil.

with special emphasis on taking care of SELF and FAMILY first.

Let’s get our OWN houses in order, and then work our way out into the community. We cannot control the economic cycle any more than we can control the weather, but we CAN circle the wagons and establish a home base, a firm footing.

It’s been said that America is militarily strong enough that no other country on the planet could invade and defeat us . . . and that the only way we will fail will be from within . . . United we Stand – Divided we Fall . . . and I believe it all starts at home.


We’ve got a LOT of work to do . . . Let’s get things rolling 🙂



PS – Housing (Real Estate Sales) is pivotal for Economic stability and recovery, and I work feverishly every minute of every day building Pareto Realty to serve Middle Tennessee House Buyers, Sellers and owners such that we can all get our own houses in order . . . Contact us if we can help YOU (or anyone you know) if you have a real estate estate related need or question.

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