Monday Morning Coffee – Invite! Ask WHY? Honor the end!

Good Monday Morning!


I awakened this morning with an urge to wax philosophic here this morning . . .


ummm . . . Probably a dose of “Self-inflicted Therapy” as a reminder of the simplicity of life flow/RHYTHM when we sustain proper perspective.

As we all tumble through life and time, we initiate and respond to myriad INVITATIONS.

We invite other folks to join us as Friends, Work Associates, colleagues . . . “Partners in crime” . . . We know that much of our success and fulfillment comes through other people who show up and travel with us as we learn and shape our way.

Whoever comes is the right people . . . 

We also know that creativity and Spirit manifest mysteriously. We cannot force them . . . They show up when the time is right. We are often SURPRISED and delighted by  “Sudden & unexplainable” flashes of brilliance.

Whenever it starts is the right time . . . 

and we know that when we are open to new ideas and unattached to preconceived outcomes, magical happenings occur.

Whatever Happens is the only that could have. (Given the PEOPLE – HERE – NOW – ENGAGED without judgment)

Because “IT” happened HERE . . .

Wherever it happens is the right place.

The cycle of life applies – Birth, Maturity, Life, Death – and so often Everyone knows it’s over and continues to hold on (resisting change) . . . Even though we know that acknowledging (Honoring) the end will give rise to new and exciting beginnings.

When it’s over it’s Over . . . 

Throughout this whole dance, the true energy and excitement comes from fresh Passion and folks’ willingness to take responsibility for this passion by exercising their individual God given right of CHOICE . . . Choice to invite others . . . Choice to be present and engage fully . . . Choice to move on when Passion wanes.

The Law of 2 Feet: If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value. it is YOUR responsibility (and privilege) to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute or receive something of value.

The goal is to achieve the “Highest and BEST use of YOU” in your short stay here with us on this planet.

What’s the secret?

HOW can you do this?


  • Be INTENTIONAL about all that you do
  • SHOW UP!
  • INVITE others – constantly
  • Respond to others’ invitations
  • Honor your Passion – Follow your Heart
  • Tell the TRUTH to yourself and others . . . ALWAYS
  • Open your mind to new ideas and possibilities
  • When it’s time . . . LET IT GO!
Sadly . . . Coffee cup’s empty 🙁
My invitation today!
Let’s connect!
I and our “Vital Few” Real Estate Sales Professionals at Pareto Realty have a daily resolute commitment to get the highest and best use of US as we invite Home Buyers and Sellers to engage with us as they contemplate navigating the twists and turns associated with Buying and/or selling a house or investment property in Middle Tennessee.
We stand ready to serve your family (or anyone you know) with real estate consultation and service 🙂
Here’s hoping you have a magical (Intentional) week full of exciting SURPRISE and DELIGHT!
PS: The underlined 5 principles and Law are from Open Space Technology which is as much a way of life as it is a phenomenal Organizational Development (Transformation) meeting format for Organizations facing emergent complex issues with diversity of people, potential for conflict, and the need to find resolution quickly.
and some of the terminology comes from Angeles Arrien’s FourFold Way

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