Monday Morning Coffee – Impulse

The Nashville Boat Show is always a great place to wander around and dream . . .

I’ve always wanted to own a boat and LOVE looking at them and imagining the possibilities.

We packed up the kids and headed there yesterday.

While there, we were tempted MANY times to ACT on our IMPULSIVE desires.

“An impulse is a wish or urge, particularly a sudden one.” (From Wiki)

Those shows are veritable smorgasbords for impulsive people.

The “Vendors” and organizers engineer everything about the show to create an over-stimulating environment that arouses Impulsive behavior and thoughts . . . and have myriad mechanisms in place to encourage folks to ACT on impulse by BUYING.

  • LOW Trade Show Only pricing
  • Past customers manning the booths to give testimonials
  • Entire financing operations on-site for FAST credit approval
  • Give-aways to lure people into thier booths
  • Pressure tactics: “Buy NOW, and you get all these extras FREE!”
  • A “Lottery” – Buy a boat today, and your name goes in a hat to win $3,000
Debbie and I found the PERFECT boat. She’s a REAL beauty, and the price was @ 25% off . . . and there was a great prior customer of the Dealer who RAVED about the service and care of the company. The OWNER of the company was there as icing on the cake.
We were SO tempted, but we had made a pact NOT to allow the marketing geniuses to use their clever guise to do something for which we would regret later.
There was this mantra humming in our heads to stay calm, cool, and collected even in the thick of the storm (and this was a PERFECT storm).
We walked away still high on the possibilities and over-stimulated.
The Boat guys didn’t get us . . . but the Hanging Lawn Chair Lady DID. She capitalized on our “weakness” having let our guard down after the Boat Dealer.
At the end of it all, i feel OK with it . . . I figure we “saved” @ $27,000 🙂
I’ve ALWAYS gotta tie in to real estate, and it is here that I think acting on impulse has REAL potential for draconian ramifications.
Impulse buying of a house can lead to real, significant “Buyer’s Remorse,” untold financial distress, and can stress relationships to the brink of collapse.
At Pareto Realty (as with most Real Estate Sales Professionals), we spend a lot of time and energy with each client to “unpack” their “Wants and NEEDS” associated with any contemplated move.
High pressure sales tactics are NOT a long term strategy for success.
We FIRST want to be VERY clear with each client what their “Ultimate Scenario” is . . . If they could have anything they want and need . . . wherever it is they want or need to be . . .  at EXACTLY the right time, and money were no obstacle . . . What would that look like?
Once that destination is clear in our heads, we can help the client get “There” or as close to “There” as possible.
The value of a REALTOR is NOT Sales and marketing skills . . . It’s this ability to LISTEN to clients and think creatively enough to construct a smooth process to orchestrate a transition from here to “there.”
Impulsive tendencies will upset the apple cart faster than most anything.
So . . . We always emphasize that it’s NEVER “too early” to start the process of Buying a house.
If you’ve even got an inkling of an hankering to move, contact a REALTOR FIRST to explore your wants and needs and tame those tendencies to act on impulse.
If you’re in Middle TN, just pick up the phone and call Pareto Realty . . . We’re trained impulse control specialists 🙂
Happy Monday – Enjoy your MLK day off!

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