Monday Morning Coffee – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is my wife Debbie’s Birthday, and I am SO glad she was born.

Happy Birthday to Deb!

We’re going to celebrate YOU today 🙂

Without YOU, all of “this” wouldn’t be what it is . . . and we SO appreciate all you have given us through the years and continue to give us daily . . . unconditionally!

This weekend has been a weekend of Birthdays.

Happy Birthday to my Mom (Yesterday) and our friend Anna (Saturday).

I’ve always thought of Birthdays as being the most important holiday of the year because it is on a person’s birthday when those folks close to her think of her and honor her and appreciate her for who she is and what she has brought to the world.

The gift giving always seems to be prominent piece of the celebration, but I think it is the CELEBRATION that really matters.

Birthdays bring people together around a common theme – “A celebration of this person we love”

Each of us only gets one birthday each year. I say: “Take FULL advantage!” because it’s not really about age (adding another year to the tally) . . . It’s about love and appreciation  . . . and often it’s a time for folks to reminisce and marvel about the amazing influence each of us has (and has had) on the world.

Without the birth and life of each of us, the world would be less than it is today.

So . . . When it’s your birthday, CELEBRATE with gusto.

We love you and take great joy in having you in our lives.

Just sayin’





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