Monday Morning Coffee – Going Old School

Good morning!

Everything is moving – Transforming – Morphing . . . ALWAYS.

Just about the time we think we’ve “GOT IT” and can relax . . .

The dust settles, and we “hit a stride” . . .

Find a great routine that brings nice results and fulfillment . . .

then . . . SOMETHING CHANGES and upsets our apple cart.

Seth Godin wrote When the World changes . . .  “It’s painful, expensive, time-consuming, stressful and ultimately pointless to work overtime to preserve your dying business model.

AS technology (Internet) spooled up, “Old School” ways of doing business died by the bushel. It seemed that the marketers who mastered SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get insane levels of traffic to their web sites were “getting all the leads” . . . They were preying on anyone and everyone who clicked their clever links.

This internet marketing strategy was the fundamental piece for growing HUGE business and led to great prosperity for many people. The pace continued to increase, and the organizations continued to grow into gargantuan machines that needed LOTS of paying customers to sustain the marketing efforts.

Then something changed . . . Some folks even have said: “the internet is FULL” . . . there’s so much noise out there that the leads ceased flowing as before and many of those marketing machines began to fail . . . Our economy went into decline.

I am not implying that the internet has passed its usefulness as an integral part of a thriving business . . . only that it’s the way we USE this technology to sustain a healthy life and business flow that has changed.

“Old School” is now COOL” . . . and those who get this understand that the internet and technology (smart phones) are marvelous tools for going old school.

Seth Godin (again) wrote: “The TED imperatives . . .”are valid guidelines for any time you choose to stop hiding and step out into the world.”

  1. Be interested.
  2. Be generous.
  3. Be interesting.
  4. Connect.
I’m observing with great interest while some organizations/people/marketers continue to throw money time and energy at complex internet marketing campaigns even as the results are degrading (This business model is dying) while others are shifting to a more old school way.
This is good stuff because I see more folks following the TED imperatives.
I see more people engaging on a personal level and using technology to leverage REAL relationships.
Being interested, generous, interesting, and connecting invites a level of personal ENGAGEMENT I think many people were missing during those technological times of prosperity.
In my business as a Real Estate Sales Professional and Founder of new “Old School” real estate firm Pareto Realty, I am fascinated as I witness other companies “getting” this and taking action . . . some are “Leaving the scene” of worldwide web proliferation of the home listings and marketing by turning off the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) for their house listings and focusing more on LOCAL marketing/networking.
For now, I’ll continue to leave that switch “ON” for Pareto Realty (more for the visibility than anything) . . . and take great pleasure in continuing to witness the Pareto Realty old school model gaining traction in the market.
I could continue to write, but . . . the coffee cup is empty . . . and Apollo’s ready to go walkin’
Hope you have a great week.
Just sayin’
PS – If you’re in the mood to move . . . or even thinking about it . . . We’re interested in helping you gain clarity on how (and when) to do so . . . Just contact me, and we’ll connect 🙂

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