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The Law of Conservation of Energy

” Energy in a system may take on various forms (e.g. kinetic, potential, heat, light). The law of conservation of energy states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore the sum of all the energies in the system is a constant.”

At the conclusion of most days, we mortals are disbelievers in this law because we are TIRED and can only imagine that what energy we had upon waking was just destroyed throughout the day.

The real truth is that the energy was converted into the doing of something . . . or lots of somethings. Hopefully we are “converting” our allotted energy into something good and useful.

If this law rings true, we cannot create more energy upon demand . . . we must ingest some PE (Potential Energy) through rest and replenishment (eating). We rest our bodies through sleep and our minds through meditation/”down-time”

So . . . there’s ONLY energy which we can use in a variety of ways.

Each day, we get to choose how to use this energy – In a good, bad, or neutral way.

In church this morning, I learned of the Triple Font theory, a “tool” to measure moral “Rightness” of our actions.

I found it to be a fascinatingly easy and useful “Moral Compass”

In everything you do, consider:

  • Your ACTIONWhat‘s the outcome? Good? Bad? Neutral?
  • CircumstancesWho is doing this action to whom? Is it helpful? Is it Harmful? What alternative actions are available? What are the consequences of this action in these circumstance? Good? Bad? Neutral?
  • IntentionsWHY are you choosing this action under these circumstances? Are you a “free Agent” acting of your own free will, or are you being coerced? Are your motives pure, noble, not selfish? Are you being honest (Truthful) or are you rationalizing bad behavior with your intentions?

How we consistently choose to act defines who we are.

No excuses . . . no-one else can be at fault for our actions.

As we navigate our days in these times of overstimulation and distraction, working through the triple font theory can sure help us stay pure (Virtuous) in terms of morality AND authenticity (Being true to ourselves).

It’s THIS level of self-accountability that creates success in personal and professional relationships.

I wake up every morning thinking these thoughts and pledging that today will be better than yesterday . . . that I will serve MORE people BETTER each and every day as I work with home buyers and Sellers and develop Pareto Realty’s “Life Rhythm Model”.

We’re taking this residential real estate estate sales profession WAY beyond the traditional transactional approach – We’re The Vital Few!

Contact me (or keep reading this blog) to learn more.

If you’re a REALTOR in Middle TN and this post resonates with you, I’d love to talk with you so we can find out if you’re a good fit for our team.

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