Monday Morning Coffee – End Of Trail

My Niece Rebecca posted this picture on FB this morning – From Big Sur


This has “Opportunity” written all over it.

The end of the beaten path . . . what’s beyond?

Do we dare to continue our journey?

How exhilarating to imagine what lies ahead because we know that few others have gone there. It could be DANGEROUS.

Why did they end the trail HERE?

Maybe we should turn back. After all, we don’t want to break any rules and could get risky “out there.”

So . . . “End of Trail” is ONLY that . . . The end of the trail.

It’s an ending, but it’s NOT “THE” ending.

How do we handle this in our personal and professional lives?

At the end of any trail. We have choices (after taking pictures to document that we made it to the end).

1% of the people will continue forward and explore new and exciting uncharted territory and face whatever consequences those bear (Could be real BEAR in the wilderness). This is the adventurer’s choice . . . The Trailblazers who ultimately “move the chains” as they extend the “End of Trail” further into the wilderness.

the 20% Others might choose to STOP and settle. These folks are comfortable with the state of things at this end of the trail and pitch camp all the while feeling somewhat adventuresome themselves because they are choosing to leave their former village to create their own settlement.

Most 80% people will take their “Proof Pictures”, do a 180, and head back home to resume life as it was where it was. That’s the safer, more comfortable choice.

Interestingly, the 80%ers hardly even pause to consider any alternative but to return to the status quo. They cannot even fathom why ANYONE would behave so irresponsibly as to shun their former lives for these lives of settlement in the wilderness or (WORSE) diving into the great unknown.

What do you do when you reach the “End of Trail?”

How might your life be different if you chose differently?

Many many people have been faced with this scenario in the past 8 years through the economic downturn.

My choice was to keep on exploring into the wilderness of opening a new real estate firm Pareto Realty . . . and it wasn’t easy . . . but as the economy begins to grow, so does Pareto Realty, and I am tickled pink to think back 3 years and marvel at how things would be different had I not dived into the wilderness.





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