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Good Morning!

Daughter Jessica told me yesterday that she was glad Spring is finally here . . . I tried to be gentle as I explained to her that this balmy, clear weather is a “Fools Spring” – a brief and very welcomed respite from cold, gloomy, icy winter.

I think that little burst of weather did a lot of good for a lot of people. Folks started getting outside when they realized that it REALLY was warm . . . and enjoyed the weather and life and each other.

With recent, local media focus on the dangers of telephone texting – Beware! Nashville’s finest (the Police) are doing a crack-down on people texting while driving – I am acutely aware of how prevalent texting and surfing on smart phones is.

Everywhere I go, I see people (LOTS of people) face-planted in electronic devices while the world passes them by. I’m often guilty as charged.

I wrote a blog post about this here:

Go-Givers UNITE! (Manage your Texting Addiction)

Hope you’ll read it and share.

For me, this boils down to the myth of “multi-tasking” . . . When we attempt to do more than one thing at a time, we are less present (and less effective) . . . we dilute our personal power.

If you’re texting, you’re not listening.

If you’re texting, you’re not paying full attention.

This is an unsafe driving practice both in the car and in every day life.

I’m working on my addiction to electronic devices such that can enjoy life more fully . . . Will you join me?

One piece of “medicine” I have subscribed for my recovery is more READING . . . and that got me thinking that I could compile all of the book titles I am reading (and have read) to offer other folks . . . SO . . . I just launched:

The Pareto Realty – Learning Center for The Vital Few

It’s an “Book Store” where you can also buy any of these titles.

Read more – text less . . . Don’t text while reading 🙂

Just sayin’

Hope you have a great week!


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