Monday Morning Coffee – Don’t let the Marketers Pollute the Magic of the Season

Good Monday Morning!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I intend to spend the ENTIRE week thinking of all of the People and things and happenings of the year for whom and which I am thankful.

Thanksgiving is that traditional celebration of the fruits of the Fall Harvest . . . The final big shin-dig before winter sets in. Family & Friends have this golden opportunity to “pause the game” for a few days for no other reason than to give thanks to God & to each other for the bountiful yield from our efforts of the year.

I posted the following on my Facebook page last night:

“Hey! Quick question . . . “What’s the next important Holiday?” Was “Thanksgiving” the first thing that came to mind? Maybe not . . . Seems the Marketers have decided that Christmas trumps Thanksgiving . . . Even the Radio stations are playing yuletide music. Remember the horn-shaped wicker basket filled with Fall Harvest Vegetables as a symbol of Thanksgiving? Have you seen one of those recently? The code may be unwritten, but I am a believer that it’s ALL Thanksgiving until Friday morning because I believe we all have a LOT to be thankful for 🙂

Just because the Marketers say you should . . . does this make it right?

Don’t let those folks steal the magic of Thanksgiving and Christmas with their onslaught of clever promotions to capture more of your brainshare so as to convince you that you really should SPEND MORE MONEY and BUY MORE STUFF than EVER this year.

Do this for the good of the Economy!

Shop til you drop and buy stuff for yourself and others whether you need it or not.

Now! I KNOW there are some “Professional Shoppers” out there, and I wouldn’t for a minute think about telling YOU not to practice your art with passion . . . This is for everyone else (the non-professionals) who dabble in this area of expertise and don’t know the wolves from the sheep.

This year, I invite you you to be more thoughtful than ever:

  • First in your Thankfulness of the bountiful fruits of your labor this year
  • THEN in your preparation for the giving (and getting) season
Think it all the way through before you buy it . . . don’t buy ANYTHING just because it’s a great deal . . . unless it’s something you NEED or is absolutely the perfect gift for someone you love.

Be Thankful!

Preserve the magic of the season!

I choose to listen to the ipod instead of the radio . . . and pledge to spend the week celebrating family.

Come Friday . . . I’ll start focusing on Christmas!


Just sayin’



PS – I just thought of the analogy of a sports team coach being interviewed about the plan to win each game, and the recurring theme is: “we are going to focus on THIS game before we turn ANY energy towards the next game.” Thanksgiving is THIS week’s game!









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