Monday Morning Coffee – Anticipating Needs

Nice people offer to do nice things.

We think of them as being generous of Heart or Spirit.

We talk of their selflessness . . . and we thank them.

Most of those benevolent souls have no expectation of compensation by recognition or financial reward . . . They just do it because “it” is the right thing to do.

For every one of those folks, there are likely 100 (or so) who have generous hearts and offer assistance and support but seldom step up and actually DO anything.

We all know that drill . . . We hear of someone’s misfortune and reach out to them. We express our sorrow and we say: “OH! PLEASE call me if there is ANYTHING I can do for you!”

That comment always elicits an utterance of appreciation for the concern and the nice offer which salves the offeror’s feelings of obligation to help.

More often than not, nothing follows.

Then, there’s this unique bunch of folks who never ask the question or make the offer of their support and assistance . . . they simply anticipate needs and swing into action . . . and SHOW UP with the goods.

These are the folks who are most surprised when they are recognized for their good deeds . . . All they did was do the right thing . . . In their mind there was nothing heroic about it.

Never pass on an opportunity to do good.

These are the folks we hear about diving into a burning house to save a family . . .

or stopping at a car accident to be sure there are no injuries . . .

or bringing a flu-ridden friend a bowl of hot soup . . .

or randomly stopping by to “kidnap” the kids to give the parents a breather . . .

Or bending over to pick up the piece of trash on the sidewalk.

All of these things are “unsung hero” things.

Not all of us participate in this program all of the time. In fact, we all have our own complicated lives humming along and often just can’t hear the needs of others through the noise of our own cacophony.

This Holiday season and the coming year will bring MANY challenges for MANY people . . . and many opportunities to help others. I’m a real believer in Karma . . . We reap what we sow!

The difference between the 1% of folks who are out there making a REAL difference in other’s lives from the 99% with good intentions is not much more than anticipating needs . . . and taking appropriate action.

That’s it!

OBTW – This post is not intended to be a guilt trip . . . Don’t take it that way. It’s simply an invitation to you to open your eyes a bit wider, take off the blinders, and serve others when you are able by jumping in and anticipating their REAL needs.

Fill a gap here and there, and all boats will rise.

I’m just sayin’



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