Monday Morning Coffee – Allow the Professional to Serve you

I’m sure that EVERY doctor has MANY stories of patients coming to see them having already diagnosed their ailment and determined their own prognosis and course of treatment.

The only problem is . . . The patient is not licensed to write the drug prescriptions, or they’d likely by-pass the doctor altogether.

The Internet serves as an “invaluable resource” for people who go there and research their own symptoms on a witch hunt for a disease that might cause said symptoms.

HOUSE is an extremely popular TV show that highlights this phenomenon.

At a Christmas Party last night, Deb and I met a cool guy who we learned is a “General Practitioner in Psychology” . . . He told us of a new patient who had come to him for the first time with a note from his wife telling him (The Psychologist) EXACTLY what her husband’s mental issues were and some tips on how to “fix him.”

Any attorney has lots of stories about clients who decide they can defend themselves in court rather than pay the price for Professional Legal representation . . . most of those stories end with an egregious loss in the court judgment.

While we’re talking about “HOUSE’s,” it just so happen that I am a Real Estate Sales Professional, and I (like most all REALTORS) have MANY stories of home buyers and sellers going “out there” on their own without representation and getting themselves into hot water.

It’s excruciating to me to get those calls – folks who have entered into a “Bad Deal” and can’t find their way out of it . . . or bought a house with multiple material issues that weren’t disclosed and/or discovered . . . or . . . or . . . or

The internet and the TV often work against the average consumer in 2 primary ways.

  • A False Sense of Security – These resources often give the “Patient/client” just enough information to be “dangerous” . . . armed with this information, they think they’re “bullet-proof” when in fact, their armor (Shallow 3rd party knowledge) really offers very little protection – They plow forward and get themselves in trouble
  • Transaction Paralysis – Often these folks will get mired in a deal and FREEZE any time a blip shows up because their (non-professional) resources often err on the side of caution and scare the petooty out of them . . . They slide into inaction as they are filled with “CAUTION ALARMS” at every move . . . and even when they have professional representation, they will question the advice and counsel of the pro

The “OH SHIT!”  moment of truth comes at that point in time when this misguided person comes to the reality of being “in over the head”

What then?

I will admit to having been “that patient/client” more than a few times . . . thinking that I could just do it “all by myself” . . . Each time I’ve done this, I’ve had regrets.

So . . . Here’s my 2 cents . . .

Most all professionals offer an “initial consultation” without a fee of requirement of obligation.

Before you dive into any pond that generally requires a professional’s expertise, FIRST consult a trained professional if for no other reason than to know they “have your back” if you find yourself suddenly in a patch of quicksand.

I and Pareto Realty are here for ya on the Real Estate Sales side of things. If you’re contemplating a move (or know someone else doing so), connect with me . . . We’ll sit down and do some “discovery” to learn more about what you want to accomplish and how we can navigate those waters successfully.

PS . . . all of the above also applies to “Trade Professionals” such as Plumbers, carpenters, Electricians, ETC)

It’s a wild wild world out there . . . why not do what YOU do best and let the professionals help do all the other stuff?


Do you have any good stories about YOU biting off more than you could chew rather than hiring a pro?

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