Monday Morning Coffee – 2012 Isn’t over yet

We’ve sure had more than our fair share of perfect weather this Fall here in Middle TN.

Just as the weather has stayed warm, so has the real estate market . . . and even as we slide into the holiday season, the activity with home sales isn’t showing signs of tapering.

Buyers are Buying (Houses are selling) and drying up what inventory remains resulting in rising values in many neighborhoods.

This bodes well for a strong Spring Market and invites a steady momentum through the first quarter of 2013.

BUT . . . 2012 isn’t yet over . . . we’re still going strong even as many folks are turning attention towards celebrating the holiday.

If you’ve got an inkling to make a move in 2013, NOW is prime time to get the process started because the market is looking for new and interesting houses for sale . . . Join our inventory of “Black Market Houses For Sale” (A place to quietly offer your house for sale through the holiday season). Contact me to learn more.

Today, I wrote some thoughts about gifting – Check it out here:

Why You Give What You Give to Whom

I hope you’re enjoying this weather and are as excited about 2013 as we are.



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