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Seth Godin wrote a great blog post entitled Alienating the 2%

“If you have fans or followers or customers, no matter what you do, you’ll annoy or disappoint two percent of them. And you’ll probably hear a lot more from the unhappy 2% than from the delighted 98.”

For those of us (most of us) who care about our service to other people, that 2% is excruciating. We want to please EVERYONE – ALL the time, and take such pride in this that we hang our head in shame when we are not able to please 100% . . . and then we live in fear of the damage those 2% might do to our reputations if they run around telling other people about their dissatisfaction.

I’ll never forget hearing Don Klein Executive Director of our local board of REALTORS say that at the end of every membership luncheon, there are ALWAYS a few people who go out of their way to complain about the food . . .

Guess what?

Most of these 2%ers are “repeat offenders” . . . It tends to be the same folks every time. So, why do they continue to attend an event that does not please them?

We cannot worry about the 2%. Most folks know who they are and don’t hear their complaints because that’s just what they do . . . Their complaints are not much more than “white noise” to the mass of people.

Don’t let these folks hurt your feelings.

Yesterday, Deb & I attended an Open House at one of favorite places on the planet to “Retreat from the grind” where I know they do their very best to please every person who comes for a stay (though I know that the 2% still exists). This is a wonderful “Mountain Retreat” only 75 miles from Nashville just on the edge of Smithville where you’ll enjoy a 4 course, Chef prepared meal in the evening and a “hearty breakfast” in the morning. It’s a great place to run away for a night . . . ANY night.

One of the things they have started doing is what they call “Our Table” . . . All of the food they serve is from Local Tennessee farms . . . even the popcorn.

I like that . . . Deb and I talked about it on the way home . . . and are embracing the use of “Home Grown Local” businesses as we grow Pareto Realty. We know that as we support our local folks, everyone achieves more.

Stay tuned for more news as we support local restaurants and farms and shops and and and . . . We would love any recommendations of local businesses we can embrace.

I hope you have a fabulous week,

I’m just sayin’



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