Mobile Technology – Is it making your life easier?

Debbie asked me today: “What did we DO before computers?

I started to answer: “A LOT less!”

and I had to think for a minute . . . logic would conclude that technology should make us MORE productive – We should be doing LESS stuff and getting more accomplished.

and if that were the case, surely we would be “leveraged” by the technology to the degree that the savvy Tech users would precipitously INCREASE income as they increase the gadgetry in their arsenals and hone their manual dexterity.

Somewhere along the line, logic succumbs to reality.

I realize that through the use of technology I correspond with WAY more people each day than I did in the slower, gentler days. I interact with folks simultaneously with the use of Cell Phone, Landline, text, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogsite, Direct Message, Skype . . . AND Face-to-face to the extent that I know there are days when I “touch” 20+ people inside of a single day of work.

There’s a LOT of distracting NOISE in this Raplex (Rapidly Complex) world that IMHO counteracts many of the benefits of the enhanced technological connections.

  • Keeping up with new gadgets
  • Learning how to use the gadgets
  • finding the best apps for the gadgets
  • Learning how to use the best apps for the gadgets
  • reading Walls
  • Reading blog feeds
  • Passing on jokes and interesting pictures
  • Listening to youtube videos
  • etc etc etc
What do you do when the technology FAILS to work as it should?
Of course, that only happens when you are in a hurry.

So . . . I wonder . . . Does your mobile technology make life EASIER?


We’re going to explore some ideas around optimizing time, energy, work flow, productivity with appropriate use of mobile technology Wednesday Feb 15, 2012 @ 10 AM.

I invite you to bring ALL of your gadgets, and we’ll talk strategy about getting the most out of them.

Let’s hold these mobile technology solutions accountable for SIMPLIFYING our lives.

and when we’re done playing with our toys, Will Mclemore with Mclemore Auction Company is going to bring us lunch (FREE) and will tell us about his unique Auction concept. Will can/will auction just about anything from a house to collectibles – Check out his website His company is great way to help folks de-clutter or downsize . . . Just sell the STUFF!

Will your electronic calendar remind you to be there?

Hope so!



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