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Deb wanted to get out of the house today, so we did something we have never done before . . . we went to the Nashville FairGrounds for the Annual “Christmas Village”

I knew not what I was getting myself into – The fairgrounds are, well, fairgrounds – simple, and so not glitzy whatsoever . . . and they are an endangered species in Nashville as every year there’s a big discussion that Fairgrounds is not the highest and best use of that inner city land . . . The developers are salivating over the possibilities for adding residential and commercial construction.

BUT . . . there’s this community attachment to these fairgrounds . . . and emotional connection. the soul of that place is captivating, and I felt that soul embracing us as we got out of our car.

My expectations of Christmas Village were LOW. I was prepared for 270+ schlocky Christmas stores, millions of people, exorbitant prices, and greasy food.

What we found was the most wonderful array of LOCAL Middle Tennessee businesses selling LOCALLY produced products . . . everything from unique art and clothing and jewelry . . . to REAL Stone ground Grits . . . the best tasting white chocolate popcorn EVER . . . and we capped it off with some great wings and fried shaved potatoes.


So  . . . LOCAL, homegrown, home-manufactured . . . all within an hour of Nashville. I’ll just have to say that it feels good to buy great products from local folks.

When I launched Pareto Realty a little over 2 years ago, my focus was squarely on “LOCAL” . . . I believe REALTORS traditionally are the hub of the social community just as the FairGrounds are the hub of the marketplace.

We are assembling a Team of LOCAL Niche Real Estate Sales Specialists to serve the home buyers and Sellers of Middle Tennessee.

We are ALWAYS on the hunt for High performance minded REALTORS to join our team . . . and home buyers and sellers wishing to buy or sell a house.

Oh yeah!

and let’s let the fairgrounds be the highest and best use of THAT land . . . because it IS.

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