“Live Fire Exercise”

Military Troops train incessantly.

They practice practice practice . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . and they DRILL Constantly.

Mostly it’s about creating and affirming the value of discipline and coordination.

The goal is to make “2nd Nature” every action required to survive a REAL fire-fight.

When real bullets are flying, you better NOT have to THINK about ANYTHING.

You don’t have time for that . . . It’s take right action . . . or die.

For as long as Armies have trained soldiers, the goal has been to make the training as real as possible . . . and occasionally among the elite forces, this training includes “Live Fire Exercises” with REAL bullets whizzing around.

so . . . Let’s apply this your training to be more effective under fire in YOUR business.

What of what you MUST do well are you SO well trained (disciplined) that it’s 2nd Nature?

Are you well enough prepared that when the proverbial S_it hits the fan, “right action” happens automatically?

If the phone rings and a home owner wants to interview in an hour for a Million Dollar listing . . . are you ready?

Phone rings again . . . It’s the organizer of a networking event, and their speaker cancelled last minute . . . Can you pull together a 15-20 minute talk about your local real estate market and deliver it first thing next morning?

Mental toughness and agility . . . and discipline are essential to get this stuff right.

If you’re not sure, do a few “Live Fire Exercises” of your own . . .

What’s your level of preparedness?

Now you’ve got a few ideas as to what to do in your “Down-times”


Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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