Listening . . .

What’s the number ONE reason you might refer a Business or Professional to a Family member, friend, or work associate?

Gut instinct might be something along the lines of:

“They served me well, had a smooth process, and charged a fair fee . . . were personable and professional . . . got the job done with minimum hassle for me.”

How did they do all of that?

Couldn’t ANY business pull all that off simply by creating a business model with good systems?

Mechanically speaking, YES!

So . . . Why are there so few businesses & professionals (the 20%) who have earned “exclusive referral rights” (dominant mind share) for their sphere of influence in their field of expertise?

What differentiates the popular Restaurant, Popular contractor, Popular Doctor, popular veterinarian,  . . . the 20% “Vital few” from the 80% “Trivial Many?”

Charisma aside . . . I’d wager it has a great deal to do with “LISTENING SKILLS”

Great Listeners serve their customers and clients best . . . PERIOD!

The models and systems are cool, but rigid . . . They don’t hear the nuances of the needs of the folks they serve.

To listen effectively, one must be fully present.


Listening is not just what happens when people are talking . . . Listening effectiveness shows up later throughout the service process.

Did her hamburger arrive with Ketchup Only, no cheese?

Is the REALTOR screening properties before emailing them to the Buyer so the Buyer isn’t receiving properties that are out of the price range without the preferred features?

Is the Mortgage Loan Originator taking a “path of more resistance” for himself to find a loan scenario that optimizes the Borrower’s Cash Flow and Buying Power?

Not everyone HAS to listen and serve accordingly . . . even those who fail to do this well can make a living.

Just think, though . . . What’s the “Opportunity Cost” of failing to listen?

How many Customers/Clients will complete the transaction  . . . and disappear forever resolved never to refer?

Blissful ignorance . . . Most “non-listeners” may never what they’re missing 🙂

Just sayin’



PS: Pareto Realty – “Pareto” was the guy who originally theorized the 20/80 Principle . . . that a disproportionate ratio of those who succeed vs those who don’t . . . the 20%  Vital Few have the lion’s share 80% of the production while the trivial many 80% produce the remaining 20% . . . We think “VITAL FEW” in everything we do and everyone we serve . . . and we do this by honing our LISTENING SKILLS.

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