To what extent do you allow the affairs of the day to occupy you?

What are your “Chains?”

Are you feeling OPPRESSED?

Often when we feel like we don’t have enough Time, Energy, and/or Money to do what needs to be done, we may feel TRAPPED . . . Imprisoned by our circumstances.

These feelings sometimes lead to desperation which invariably results in either a “FIGHT” or a “FLIGHT” reaction/response. “Flight” is usually not the best option . . . Running away from facing the realities of the day may relieve the pressure on the short term, but we know we’re ultimately going to have to stand in the fire.

Seth Godin offers a very compelling “Solution” which is a good first step towards “Liberation from Circumstantial Oppression” in this morning’s blog post entitled Cracking the Pottery which ends with: “When you get in the habit of breaking your own pottery, it’s a lot easier to ask, “what if?”

It occurred to me that it almost ALWAYS boils down to VOLUME.

In business, the gold is in a steady flow of LEADS and an ability to CONVERT those leads into customers/clients and then to deliver stellar service (as promised).

Do this right, and leads begin self-perpetuating in the form of repeat and referral business.

It all starts with generating more leads than you need, just as Seth Godin (and I) writes more blogs posts than he needs in order to publish one great one EVERY day.

When we get this right, we achieve LIBERATION from many of our self-imposed limiting factors.

As we bring more leads into our business, our options increase. We suddenly realize that we no longer HAVE TO to work with EVERY Customer/Client who shows up in our pipeline.

We can now consider the “QUALITY” of each lead and begin weighing the Opportunity Cost of working with each one. If I “Invest” my time, energy, and resources into serving this customer, who am I choosing not to serve? In my business of Real Estate Sales and Brokerage, I encounter many scenarios in which one customer can demand five times the resources of most other customers . . . with less return. This means that with the same amount of effort, the REALTOR could have sold 5 houses to other customers with the same amount of energy as it took to sell 1 house to that customer.

Sometimes, this is OK . . . My point is that if we have enough leads flowing:

We can CHOOSE!

Rather than feeling that we HAVE TO serve EVERYONE.

Developing a specific NICHE specialty is the oh-so-important first step.

The business of a “generalist” lends itself to oppression along with the attitude that EVERY customer HAS TO BE SERVED out of desperation.

Liberate yourself by choosing to specialize thereby creating a steady flow of quality leads for your business such that you can “Break your own pottery”

I’m looking forward to seeing you celebrate your new-found FREEDOM over a libation of your choice.


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  1. Following your blog. Am reading” charge” by bouchard that is covering some of your topics(but certainly not as well as you do ) on getting the most out of living , working , playing Thanx


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