Let’s GO!

When you stumble into a fabulous new “concept” that you’re SO excited about that you cannot suppress your enthusiasm, DON’T hold yourself (and others) back.

A few weeks ago at the World Open Space on Open Space, I met a cool guy from Portugal. His name is Luis Gallardo , and he is the Happiest person I’ve ever met.

I wondered why?

How could any human be SO HAPPY?

His happiness is infectious.

I heard a few people talking about him, and the word “Happiness” was spoken multiple times.

When I returned to Nashville, I was working hard to get back to business, but I was finding myself distracted . . . I felt compelled to learn more about Luis. What is this thing he’s created? Is it legal?

Next thing I knew, my friend and colleague Suzanne Daigle connected me about . . . Luis!

I started digging in the internet, and very quickly found THIS website.

The more I read on that website, the happier I became.

As I read and explore, I thought “too awesome to be true!”

I decided that I would DEFINITELY want to participate in the 2020 event.

THIS short video sealed that deal.

Here’s the main page https://www.happinessfestival.world/english

and here’s the Vision https://happinessagora.world/our-vision

I decided that it would selfish and irresponsible not to expose this amazing movement to as many people as possible, so I decided I’d bring it to NASHVILLE, TN in the form of hosting an AGORA here (subject to approval)

This isn’t the kind of initiative a person takes on alone, so I’m inviting anyone/everyone who is an “influencer” to connect with me so we can collaborate, together, to host a life changing gathering that will make a difference here in Nashville and the world.


You don’t have to live in Nashville to do this . . .


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