Let’s Get Moving . . . and BB’s

A HUGE segment of our population is getting more and more attention from Media, Politicians, and Marketers . . . . and definitely merit the attention of the savvy real Estate Professional.

BABY BOOMERS (From the “OFFICIAL BBHQ” – Baby Boomer HeadQuarters)

“Stated very simply, the demographers, sociologists and the media define baby boomers as those born between (and including) 1946 and 1964. . . In 2012, that would make us between 48 and 66 years old. There are about 75 million boomers in the U.S.; we currently represent about 29% of the U.S. population.”

These folks represent just under 1/3 of the U.S. Population.

For Politicians, Media, Marketers, Health Care, Travel & Leisure, REALTORS etc . . . this generation IS the well (where the money is) because they (we) are all maturing (most insanely successful people “Get there” in their late 40’s to in their 50’s) . . . and many are retiring.

Baby Boomers’ kids are leaving the nest resulting in lifestyle changes (including buying 2nd homes, downsizing, or moving to that “dream home.”)

The oft overlooked truth is that the parents of many of us Baby Boomers are still living and aging . . . and we are often the ones taking care of their affairs . . . and settling their estates when they pass.

So . . . Baby Boomers represent MUCH more potential to politicians and marketers because we’re “in the middle” . . . Our 1/3 of the population has WAY more influence than simply math implies . . . We advise our children, and we care for our parents.

We are VERY VALUABLE folks 🙂

From the perspective of a real estate professional, the question to answer is:

How can we serve Baby Boomers best?

Being indispensable to a Boomer might not be as difficult as one might think.

  • LEVERAGE us . . . We are BUSY people. Most of us are in the prime of our careers . . . Parenting our future (and some current) Leaders . . . and supporting our Parents through their often uncomfortable adjustment to aging.
  • Show up with SOLUTIONS that reduce some of the noise.
  • Find EASY ways for us to get things done.



We’re willing to pay for these things, and we want them done RIGHT the first time . . . no gimmicks or fluffed promises.

REALTOR Designations are one sure-fire way to get ahead in this particular market . . . Do whatever it takes to leverage these Boomers by becoming an EXPERT in their areas of interest. 7 that come to mind:

  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative / ABR®
  • Certified International Property Specialist / CIPS®
  • Certified Property Manager / CPM®
  • Certified Residential Specialist® / CRS®
  • Graduate, REALTOR® Institute / GRIsm
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, SRES®
  • Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist / RSPS

and . . . Find LOCAL resources/businesses with unique services to fill in the gaps. Baby Boomers love to hear: “I’ve got a contact who specializes in what you need!

Everything from:

Let’s get Moving – Nationally recognized as a Senior Move Manager, we will organize and handle your entire move with the utmost care and respect and members of the National Association of senior Move Managers


Mclemore Auction Company – conducts real estate and personal property auctions in Middle Tennessee.  Using powerful technology and innovative practices for both live and internet auctions, the company offers services never before available to consumers in the region.


Home Stagers, Professional photographers, Moving Companies, Fix-it folks . . .

The point is . . . if you’ve a specialist for every “That” a Boomer needs, you’ll be an indispensable resource . . . Your value skyrockets and you’ll earn the business of THREE generations of each family you serve.  

If you’re in the Middle Tennessee area, and you’d like to explore this topic deeper, we’re tackling it in our next Mastermind session . . .

You’re invited – FREE:

  • Are you a Life Transition Specialist . . . or just another REALTOR?
  • Wednesday February 22, 2012
  • 10-Noon
  • Lunch Provided by Cindy Natsche with Let’s get Moving
  • RSVP required (Limited seating) – By email to barry@paretorealtyllc.com


Now . . . Let’s sell some houses this year and get this economy ROLLING!







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