Larger than life branding

Developing a brand for your business does many things.

Being “Larger than Life” might be the initial goal for many businesses . . . That is – Giving the impression to the general public that the business is larger than it really is.

What this is about is the never ending competition for “Mindshare” . . .

Quickly answer the following questions:

  • Name a brand of tennis shoe
  • Brand of Potato Chips?
  • Brand of Soft drink?
  • Ultimate Driving Machine?
Odds are good that either (or both) an image of a logo and a name of the brand popped immediately to the forefront with each question.
I wonder . . . Did you think . . .
 The Real thing . . .
No one can eat just one . . .
 The Ultimate Driving Machine
Without question, these 4 companies have captured HUGE mindshare  for Tennis shoe wearing, Coke drinking, Lays snacking, Driving Enthusiasts.
None of them started larger than life . . .
ALL of them created a strong brand image and meaning and stuck with it as they grew (Coke made a play at changing theirs and almost created global mayhem . . . HOW COULD THEY?)
What a brand does for any business is communicate to the world who the business is . . . what it stands for . . . why folks should do business with them rather than one of their worthy competitors.
Without brand differentiation, it’s all vanilla ice cream.
On a hot day with no other vendors in sight, anyone can sell vanilla ice cream in large volumes all day long.
Change the climate or add a chocolate ice cream vendor to the mix and market share plummets.
It’s still ice cream . . . but different flavors.
So . . .
What’s the look and feel of your business/organization?
Have you created a Brand Image that sets you apart from the crowd?
Is that Brand consistent?
Is your Brand portable?
Is your Brand flexible and adaptable for future products?
Will it still “work” when your business becomes “International?”
Most importantly . . . How many people think of YOUR brand FIRST (Mindshare) when they encounter a need for your product or service?
What are you doing about it?
Just sayin’
Pareto Realty is currently “Re-Branding” as we continue our “Larger than Life” Global Marketing experiment . . . International? Sure!

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