Ladders and dotting I’s









I suspect that most folks who aspire to achieve high performance/success subscribe to to most (if not all) of the above . . .

Why is it, then, that we so often see and experience wild departures from these committed by our peers and colleagues.

This is not a phenomenon unique to any particular discipline or career.

There are “Best Practices” for most of what we do, and these are sometimes clearly defined as “Written Rules” . . . sometimes less formally “the way we do things around here” . . . and sometimes unspoken “respect for elders.”

In most pursuits, there are people engaged who have varying degrees of experience and myriad backgrounds, so it’s not “fair” to make assumptions that everyone KNOWS these “rules of engagement” innately . . . They must be learned . . . sometimes via “The school of hard knocks” (OJT), but optimally through apprenticeship, mentoring, or training.

The “LADDERS” I reference in the title references the “Chain of Command” in most all pursuits and organizations. People speak of “Climbing the Ladder of Success” (and being certain that it’s leaning on the right wall :-))

the “Dotting I’s” part references the importance of 2 critical components:

  1. Adhere to proper protocol by following the proper chain of command when things go awry . . . That is, bring your issue to the “next Higher up” and seek resolution . . . if that fails, bring your issue to the next rung of the ladder . . . and keep on climbing until the issue is resolved – The Alternative is taking a relatively small issue to the TOP of the ladder and skipping all of the other rungs.
  2. Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s . . . Before raising an issue of any kind, be certain that you have your OWN ducks in a row. Don’t dive in with a half-baked plan (or no plan at all). Come with a solution of your own to present as a resolve. Be prepared with the facts and appropriate documentation. Be SURE that you’ve done YOUR job before you dive in (Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones).

If at any time you’re not certain of proper protocol, ASK . . . a trusted peer, a wise Mentor, a Manager within your organization BEFORE raising cane.

I say all of this on the heals of situation in which a real estate closing has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances relating to the loan (happens frequently), and the REALTOR on the Seller’s side of the scenario has taken it upon herself to become the “Gadfly” . . . that buzzes and needles everyone incessantly and draws people into her drama ad infinitum to the tune of calling every 15 minutes in a “badgering” way even as we know the issue is completely in the lender’s hands to resolve.

I’m all for applying pressure to keep things moving . . . but there ARE limits (and protocol) . . . I have learned that this agent has NOT consulted with her own Broker at ALL, yet she’s coming straight to me (The Principal Broker of the Buyer’s Agent) to “tattle” on my agent and have ME “get it done.”

Proper Protocol? Go to HER Principal Broker and ask HER Broker to contact me to see if we can find a fast solution. (I’m reaching out to him this morning)

the icing on the cake (that precipitated the writing of this post) is that the T’s are NOT crossed, and the I’s are NOT dotted . . . In all of the frenzied drama infused phone calling, the agent has failed to work with her OWN client (Because it’s a “Difficult Client”) to extend the contract and attend to a necessary occupancy agreement.

This is easy stuff for anyone who understands and follows protocol and pays strict attention to details ESPECIALLY when things get weird.


All done venting now . . . It’s time for me to dive in to be sure this Buyer and this Seller are served in the best way possible by getting this transaction CLOSED ASAP!



PS – Ultimately, it is the Real Estate Principal Broker’s responsibility to teach this protocol and attention to detail . . . and of course, we Brokers benefit by doing so with fewer “Broker issues” . . . At Pareto Realty, I am infinitely available to my agents and require regular coaching to be certain our clients get nothing but the BEST in service from us.


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