Knowing who you are is THE prerequisite . . .

If you surf over to, you’ll find a VERY popular website authored by “Jeff Goins Writer.”

At first glance, you might assume that Jeff’s last name is “Writer” . . . because everywhere you see “Jeff Goins,” the word “Writer” follows.


Jeff Goins Writer KNOWS who he is (a Writer) and has unashamedly claimed that identity to the degree that it has become part of his everything. I found 3 Speaking Clips on his website which ‘splain this very articulately.

Each quarter, I offer a “Life Rhythm Way Workshop.” As much as I’m not a big fan of powerpoint presentations, I have one for this Workshop . . . the first 3 Slides are:

  1. Finding Your Personal Rhythm – LIVE – WORK – PLAY
  2. What’s about to Happen?” – 8 bullets outlining the Workshop
  3. Why Are You Here?

When we get to the 3rd slide, I ask the group the question: “Why are YOU here?”and I encourage EVERY participant to answer.

Most folks give great answers like: “I want to learn how be more organized with my time, energy, money.” or “I want to get more FOCUSED on my business.” or “I’m here to learn how I can SELL MORE” (make more money)
I always validate those reasons . . . and then say: “Let’s broaden the question . . . to:
Why are you here . . . on EARTH . . . with US . . . NOW? What’s your PURPOSE?
The room goes silent.
I am a firm believer that each of us is here for a very specific reason, and the sooner we “get” this, the bigger a dent we’re going to put into the world before we expire (die).
Jeff Goins Writer “Gets this” at a very high level . . . and he’s making a HUGE dent already (only a couple of years into his realization that HE IS WRITER).
If you are not certain why you are here, I think chances are you’ve been living other people’s dreams for so long you’ve forgotten your own rhythm . . . You’ve foregone what matters most to you personally out of some contrived FEAR (of success or failure or judgement by other people).
This is very tough talk, and I think ESSENTIAL talk.
Open Space Technology offers 4 (5) principles and ONE LAW – The Law of 2 Feet which simply states: “if you are in a place where you are neither giving nor receiving anything of value, then the burden is on YOU to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you can be more useful (where you can contribute and/or receive something of value).
The Law of 2 Feet LIBERATES people. Don’t just sit there in misery . . . DO SOMETHING!
the Law of 2 Feet is “Death to Egotists and bullies” . . . They lose their audiences (victims) as folks use their 2 feet and leave for greener pastures.
So . . .
Who ARE you?
Be THAT person!
Just sayin’
Please comment to to tell me YOUR story
PS – “Barry Owen Rhythm Discoverer” . . . Whether it be working with Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee . . . Building the Pareto Realty – The Vital Few business model . . . Coaching/training/Speaking to Professionals . . . It’s ALL about discovering each person’s unique Rhythm.
Contact me for details about joining the Life Rhythm Way coaching program or book speaking/Training/Retreat events.

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