Juggling . . . and Biz . . .

How do you keep all of the balls in the air?

How many balls can you juggle without dropping any?

If I were to toss one more ball into your routine every few rotations . . . and you reached your capacity . . . how would you decide which balls to drop, and which balls to keep juggling?

The reality is that once you exceed your juggling capacity, you run a high risk of dropping ALL of the balls . . .

and your show stops . . .

til you can gather your wits and begin the juggling anew.

Most of us are juggers in life . . . Whether it’s time, energy, money, relationships . . . It’s all juggling.

Juggling requires HIGH responsibility . . . and potential catastrophic consequences when things go awry.

Attention to prioritiesFOCUS on what’s happening NOW with a good overall vision of the grande scheme is critical.

So . . . Casual coffee with a friend is on the calendar . . . Client surprises you by popping into town to see a few houses . . . You can’t do both (Don’t even TRY it) . . . Which one will it be?

No-one is going to judge your choice. What’s essential is that you think it through and make a CONSCIOUS choice . . . and COMMUNICATE effectively.

Do this wrong, and you potentially damage 2 relationships (Friend and client).

This is important stuff to consider as we enter our “Busy Spring Season.”

Don’t drop balls that matter by attempting to juggle too many.

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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