Jack of all trades – Master of none

It’s veritable swirling smorgasbord cacophony of possibilities coming at us every day.

Yep . . . There are SO many things any and all of us can decide to adopt into our daily lives.

In fact, The Home Depot teases you with invitations to do it yourself . . . and promises that having the right tools will make you a professional.

This simply isn’t reality.

Know your limitations and your priorities and unapologetically delegate any and all things that take you out of your expertise.

When I’m coaching Real Estate Sales Professionals, I encourage them to choose a specific niche and resist all temptations to work beyond said niche . . . refer those folks to colleagues who DO specialize in those areas. The clients end up being served better, and the agents get to focus on serving the clients within their niches impeccably.

Yesterday, I visited the Facebook page for a business that provides one of the components of my back-office system. That page had fewer than 150 “likes” . . . very few posts . . . unimpressive pictures of their office space . . . and 3 scathing reviews . . . nothing else. Clearly, Facebook is not in their wheelhouse of good marketing tools.

I know this company to be a solid innovator in their niche, so it did not affect my desire to continue to use their program, but I did have the thought that any prospective customers of theirs who did cursory diligence before buying a subscription would surely be turned off by their Facebook page.

I connected with them and suggested they take that page down . . . A facebook page should be done well or not done at all because it is one of the first places many people go when researching.

I haven’t checked, but it could be that they are MASTERS at Twitter (I’m NOT)  . . .

Overlay this on what you are doing.

Don’t do things that other people say you “should be doing” just because “EVERYONE who’s ANYONE” is doing it.

If you attempt it, you may do yourself more harm than good.

So . . . know your strengths and be a MASTER at those.

We’ll understand and appreciate you when you tell us that you are not equipped to handle that project, but you know someone who is.


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