It’s time to polish – Fit and Finish 2017

For those of us who are FANTASTIC “Starters”, we sometimes need a nudge or 2 to push us to FINISH!

Yep! It’s WAY more fun to start new adventures than to do the drudgery of completing all of the intricate details required to complete the project with all the luster it deserves.

While you may or may not have set clear goals for 2017 12 months ago, you made it from “there” to “here” and you’re still alive and in business.

Are you proud of your accomplishments?

Did your new ideas and initiatives bring you lasting, positive results?

What (if anything) is dragging you down right now?

Where are the blemishes and speed bumps?

I believe December is a great month to ponder these things and focus on finishing all of that which started through the year.

So . . . for me . . . I put a moratorium on starting ANYTHING in December.

When I have a brilliant new Idea for something to start, I will document it in my journal under the heading of “Things that might be goals for 2018”

So stopping starting creates space to fit and finish our pursuits currently under way.

This truly is a “feel good” exercise because we starters seldom celebrate our accomplishment appropriately because we’re SO infatuated with starting something NEW!

Force yourself to use this month to celebrate and FINISH!

Enjoy the new groove and create your new rhythm so you get back to starting with more efficiency (Less effort – More accomplished)

THIS is the best recipe for making meaningful goals for next year.

A decluttering of the mind to make space for new possibilities.

I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2018 . . . but let’s first finish 2017.

I’m proud of you!

Published by Barry Owen

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