It’s time for your Annual Review

I know 2017 isn’t over yet.

We have 60 days left to finish strong AND to begin the creation of a WAY better 2018.

60 days is just the right amount of time to debrief our progress and performance throughout 2017.

It’s time to get clear on where we were January 1, 2017 and where we are now, and how we got from there to here.

What did we we do right (or wrong), and how can we crank up the volume in the coming months?

I’ve developed a “Pre-Flight checklist” that helps with this oh-so-important first step of setting yourself up for success in 2018.

The real goal is to identify the destination, map the course, tune up our models, systems, and tools, and make sure we have all the right people on board.

The more intentional we are about this “exercise, the better the odds we will reach our destination.

I talked about this in my morning “Facebook Live” Drive Time with Barry,

I and the Vital Few members of the Pareto Realty team of Real Estate Sales Professionals are excited about our destination for 2018.

The coming year will be one of growth as our brand continues to mature.

As more agents become aware of Pareto Realty’s uniquely simple (and relatively low cost) business model AND our commitment to making sure that each and every member of our team find the individual success they seek, our firm will too find the success we together seek.

It all begins with the “Pre-Flight Checklist”

If you’re “local” (Anywhere in Middle TN), let’s meet to work through this together to help you get on your right path.

Not local?

No worries . . . We can schedule a telephone conversation.

(All confidential and discreet)

No cost or obligation.

Let’s blow the doors off this Popsicle stand in 2018

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