It’s time for some good learnin’ – New series of FREE Lunch & Learns

I don’t know about you, but I’m launching into 2011 very thankful that I am where I am . . . Still over – not under (the ground) . . . still in business – and excited (albeit with a twinge of trepidation) about the potential in the coming year.

I know that to realize the full benefit of this potential I’m going to have to  kick into HIGH gear with respect to re-tooling my business and staying “light on my feet” so I can roll with any punches that come at me.

More than anything, this will require surrounding myself with the RIGHT people – a wide diversity of “non-homogenous” people.

– People who will support me unconditionally and be there to fill in the gaps when gaps need filling

– People who I can bounce new ideas off of who will offer candid advice.

– People who are learning based, open to new ideas, and willing to share.

The fact is, our cheese moves every day

The way we survive in 2011 must be a “Circle the wagons” approach. We all must seize every opportunity to LEARN and know more about the environment we are in such that we make (and advise clients to make) sound personal and business decisions.

I feel it’s more important NOW than EVER to dial in to LOCAL networks such that we as a tight community can navigate through the maze of raplexity (Rapidly changing complexity).

With all of this in mind, I am (again) offering weekly “Vendor Spotlight lunch & Learn” events. 11:30-1ish

Most of these happen on Wednesdays (some on Thursdays) 

All of these are FREE

All you’ve gotta do is RSVP and Show up

I Identify vendors who are willing to “Educate and Feed” whoever comes . . . and the education part must be a significant theme relating to their field of expertise.

We typically have 15-30 participants ranging from REALTORS (From a variety of firms) to Lenders to Title Attorneys, home Inspectors, etc).

Each meeting ALWAYS results in new relationships formed and new knowledge gained by every person.

All of these events will be posted to the Pareto Realty Facebook Page Event Calendar

So . . . Without further ado . . .

January 19

First Time Homebuyer/Low-no money down purchase programs. – Lunch & Learn

Lee Barroll with First Community Mortgage

January 26 –
Lunch & Learn – David Voudrey – Archer Home Inspection along with Barry Westbrook DocAir – @ Maggiano’s West end
February 2

Todd Jackson with Stones River Properties has some great rental options for tough listings

More will follow . . . we have 6 more of these in varying stages of development and will be scheduling them in as plans come together. I am totally open to new vendors – Contact me if you know of someone who might want to host one.

2 more things . . .

Have you registered for ?

It’s April 13 – is FREE (but you MUST register) and may very well be the best day of education you’ll have the opportunity to attend all year . . . I wrote a bit about it here:

The primary benefit of attending most conferences is the networking and masterminds BETWEEN the meetings, what if . . . ? #in

and finally . . . a link to yesterday’s Monday Morning Coffee with some business building ideas for ya.

Monday Morning Coffee – Responding to a Change in the Weather #in

Hope you’re staying warm and safe today . . . Apologize for the long email today . . . NOW is the time to spool yourself up for the year.

Let’s get MOVIN’

I’m just sayin’



PS – Pareto Realty is on the hunt for the right Real Estate Professionals to add to our team of “The Vital Few”. If you are a “Performance Oriented person” with an interest in finding a smooth life Rhythm and want to know more about our model, I’d love to talk with you.

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