It’s time for a Best Practices tune Up!

Guess what?
Halloween is next week . . .
Followed closely by Thanksgiving, then Christmas . . .
THEN the NEW YEAR 2014!
One of your New Year Resolutions is likely to be in some way “Performance Oriented” . . . Perhaps a better routine or work flow?
Maybe you simply want to sell more houses with less effort?
We all tend to grove our own “ruts” with respect to the way we practice our business, and it becomes “Business as Usual.”
Just because this is working “OK” doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a “Tune-Up” once in a while.
after all, we don’t wait for our cars to malfunction before we take them in for routine maintenance, do we? We take’m in every 3-5000 miles for fresh oil, filters, tire rotations, and a check of the brakes and other systems.
Shouldn’t we do the same for our Best BUSINESS practices?
“Practice makes PERFECT!” and Skills Based Training is the icing on the cake.
Each year, I offer 6 sessions to REALTORS in Middle TN to warm them up for a great start. These are Guided Mastermind sessions with emphasis on “Mechanical Fundamentals” about serving Home buyers and sellers throughout the real estate transaction.
These sessions are just as valuable for rookies AND “Seasoned” REALTORS alike!
All are on Wednesdays and at 10 AM, and I always line up FREE LUNCH for each of these 2 hour sessions.
Our Schedule:
11/6 – Leads and Database Management/Construction
11/13 – Pre-qualification and Pre-Listing
11/20 – Search
12/4 – Analysis
12/11 – Negotiation
12/18 – Completion
Those who attend will find a room full of professionals who understand abundance and sharing. Each session will have have RICH information and ideas that, if implemented, could very well pop you out of your self-imposed RUT and along a fresh, more productive path.
Will you join us?
Please “register” by reply email or on the event pages on Facebook . . . Seating is limited to 15 per session.

Published by Barry Owen

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