It’s Right over there – you can’t miss it . . .

I ask: “Where is it?”

He says: “It’s right over there! You Can’t miss it”

I go “over there” and don’t see “it” . . .

feeling ignorant and slightly embarrassed for my ineptitude, I ask again:


“Over THERE!”


I go back “over there” and begin visualization exercises . . . In my mind, I create a picture of what I believe “it” looks like and i scour the landscape “over there” attempting to create reality based on my mental picture of what “it” looks like . . .

Still no luck . . .

Exasperated, I return to him feeling dumber than a rock and humbly say:

“I cannot seem to be able to find “it” “over THERE”. Will you help me?”

Either my mental image of what “it” looks like is vastly different from what “it” really looks like . . . or my perception of “over there” differs from “his”.

and so it goes . . . sound familiar?

How often does this scenario play out in your world?

It applies in all things . . . and the reality (and gravity) of this communication snafu hit home while at a basketball jamboree a few nights ago. The jamboree was at Lipscomb University in a HUGE Arena . . .

“Pictures are over there! You can’t miss it!”

“your game will be in the old gymn next door. It’s over there! You can’t miss it!”

I and another parent Joe Calloway (a very well respected Business “performance expert who helps people and companies think competitively, improve constantly, and act decisively”) looked at each other and smiled because we both know THIS drill and the quagmire it creates.

In unison, we said: “OH! Of COURSE! It’s over THERE, and we can’t POSSIBLY miss it!”

Followed by a movement of the herd of parents (trail of ants) in the direction of “over there” following the first parent who started moving (Which I’m sure put a LOT on her because she really had no clue where “over there” was or what “it” (the gymn looked like).

As we intrepid explorers exited the arena, we saw other herds of parents heading in the same direction and assumed that they were also going “over there” . . . RELIEF! The pressure is off.

If we follow them and where they are going is the wrong place, it will THEIR fault 🙂

This scenario does NOT have to play out, but it does have the potential to in all aspects of our lives.

Success is “Over There”! You can’t miss it.

How can we avoid this?

How ’bout we fine tune the Leadership and preparation.

Some signage to point us in the right direction and turn us when needed . . . and perhaps a big sign that says: “HERE is Over There”

Or maybe even a guide . . . Instead of a casual pointing of the finger or nodding of the head, he jumps up and says: “Follow me! I’ll take you “There”!”

I love the Grocery employee who leads me to the Pizza crusts . . . The Hardware Store folks who meet meet me at the front and ask what I am looking for the minute I walk in . . . and then take me to it.

I love the Business Coach/Consultant who helps with clarity and definition of what “it” (success) looks like and leads me there.

I love the “Sales Manager” or Principal Broker who delivers appropriate training to help me (and my colleagues) find “it”.

When you have the opportunity to be the Leader with your children, your, friends, your family, your CLIENTS, or perfect strangers, you have a decision to make.

Will you be a Leader who takes the initiative and makes the effort to facilitate the finding of “it” “Over there”?

or . . .

Will you casually say:

“It’s over there! You can’t miss it!”

I’m just sayin’



OBTW – All of the above does NOT apply for those looking for “handouts” – Good leaders also know when not to enable laziness 🙂

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