It may seem clunky to you, but it works GREAT for me.

When I’m working in the office, I always have 2 computers in front of me – My netbook and an old, clunky Desktop.

I can get an AMAZING amount of work done with these 2 machines – hopping back and forth like the pilot of a jet fighter.

When the system is humming, “the list” dwindles quickly.

If you were to sit down in front of either of these machines and work with them for an hour or so, you would surely question my integrity because you would unquestionably be POSITIVE that I am telling a BIG FAT LIE about my ultra productivity . . .

My system is clunky at best, but I know ALL of it’s quirks and quibbles. Remember the dude in Star Wars who piloted that broken down space ship that appeared to held together by duct tape? NO ONE but he could fly that thing.

It’s actually an advantage for me that the desktop is SLOW because I can launch it on a job then swing back to the speedy netbook to handle email, facebook, and write blog posts (like now).

It’s a dance, and it’s fun.

I’m not sure I’ll know what to do if/when one of these machines keels over.

So . . . My point . . .

Do you know what system is best for you to use?

The answer is simple:

“the best system for you to use is the one you WILL use effectively”

Spoken like a true curmudgeon . . .

Hope you have a great weekend!

Published by Barry Owen

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