Isn’t it nigh time to stop the madness?

“Raplex” = RAPID and COMPLEX blended!

That’s our environment, and for most folks it means a feeling of Chaos.

Not many people love feeling out of control most of the time.

Who’s in charge of your daily destiny?


or everyone else?

How many years have you set new goals only to end up having the “same” year again?

I think NOW is the right time to stop the madness . . . Don’t you?

More . . . So much to do – So Little Time

You are hereby invited to this Life Rhythm Workshop.


Why would you want to attend THIS workshop when so many in the past have failed you?

This one is about a LOT more than “Time Management” and is a month-long exploration into yourself and your modus operandi.

We meet 4 consecutive Wednesdays from 10-Noon

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