Is your vision myopic?

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that we don’t have crystal balls.

Challenge: Consider the notion that you may be selling yourself short relative to your vision of your future.

Realty: Most people don’t think big enough – deep enough – bold enough.

Truth: That upon which you focus . . . EXPANDS.

In your perfect scenario, where will you be with whom and what will y’all be doing 10 years from now?

What about your “Golden years” (I define those as 65+ years old)?

What are you doing now?

Where are you you doing it?

Does your present day scenario support getting from here to “there?”

What pieces of your current life are “over” (Not useful or productive components of bringing you closer to your vision of your future)?

When will you acknowledge that these obstacles are holding you back even as your Spirit is chomping at the bit yearning to be unbridled?

How daunting is the thought of all of this for you?

Are you myopic as you look to your future?

  • nearsighted
  • shortsighted
  • lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.
  • uncreative
  • unadventurous
  • narrow-minded
  • small-minded
  • short-term


Could it be because you you’re so caught up in living your now, and you’re so frenetically BUSY that you don’t even have time to consider the future beyond the next year?

Besides . . . even if you DO have a clear vision of where you want be, are you struggling with the HOW?

I have bad news for you . . . The Universe will not allow you to know now how to get from here to there because everything is moving in a steady flow of transformation.

Transformation is much more complex than change – It’s multi-dimensional and FAR from being a straight line, as the crow flies, path.

Plan all you feel the need to do, but expect to be surprised because you’ll encounter frustrations and doldrums and obstacles and temptations and distractions all conspiring to discourage you from continuing your Hero’s journey . . . and just when you think it’s an impossible mission, you’ll experience unexplainable moments of euphoric quantum LEAPS which will, in an instant, inspire your Faith to carry on.

Replace slogging along in your daily grind with pausing for long enough to clear up your myopic vision . . .

Get clear on where it is that you want to go – Your ultimate scenario of your future!

Believe you can do this (I already believe you can).


I believe we are each on our own individual missions from God, and we’ve only got this one life to accomplish it.

When you’re ready, write an invitation to yourself to recreate yourself consistent with your mission.

Accept your invitation and then start inviting other people to join you on your path to your now clear vision.

Be prepared as the right people will start showing up and the right things will start happening.

Next thing ya know, you’ll find yourself a new rhythm/flow in which every minute of every day, and everything you do with all these “right” people will contribute towards your clear vision.

Easy as pie . . . Right?

BONUS: Do all this with love!


Published by Barry Owen

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