Is “If you don’t list, you don’t last” True?




First . . . 3 invitations . . . Each of these sessions is FREE . . . and each one could significantly impact your effectiveness as a REALTOR in today’s market.

I hope to see you at one of more of these . . .

HOT PROPERTIES – Thursday June 16 – FREE – Enjoy a free breakfast, mingle with many of the TOP REALTORS in the Nashville market and learn about some great listings – It’s a property caravan without burning gas. – Monroe Harding – To present a listing email a “Buyer Full” report to Kevin Montgomery, Premier Escrow  at:


Friday June 17 @ 9:00 – Friday Morning Masterminds – Today’s House Seller  – Who are the Sellers of today and how can we REALTORS serve them best in this market? (See blog post below)
Friday June 17 @ 11:30  Leasing: RISK & REWARD Back by popular demand – Our first “Lunch & Learn – Todd Jackson with Stones River Properties will feed those who come and educate us on the risks and rewards associated with handling rental scenarios with Sellers. Todd has a great way to keep REALTORS connected with the owners and eliminate the risk of dabbling in property management.

Today’s post . . . . .

I’ve heard it from several different directions . . . Even in an article published in the REALTOR Magazine . . . There are REALTORS out there who believe that Listings are no longer desirable or necessary for a successful real estate sales professional.


Is this true?

What’s shifted?

Has the internet and the economic turmoil created an environment in which Buyers are the key?

If so . . . What new mechanisms are in place for Real Estate Sales Professionals to FIND said Buyers?

“If you don’t list, you don’t last” implies that without listings the REALTOR doesn’t have an “attractor” for Buyers.

No signs in yards = No sign calls

No houses to promote = Limited opportunity for marketing

I know that “Buyer Specialists” can and do have great success, but not everyone is wired to work exclusively with Buyers . . . and more to the point, what’s the mechanism for feeding the pipeline for a Buyer Specialist?


Whose listings?

So . . . These are the kinds of questions we’ll be asking and discussing in this week’s Friday Morning Masterminds which will be ALL about House SELLERS.

Who are they?

How do we list ONLY houses that SELL?

Once we list them, how do we market the listings effectively?

How do we optimize each listing such that we capture at LEAST one additional transaction?

How do we negotiate and close listings?

What if the listing is not “sellable”?

Should we agree to market the listing as a rental?

Then what?

I’m looking forward to seeing who will show up to explore these provocative questions!

Friday June 17 @ 9-11:15 @ Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade on Harding (in front of Publix)



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