Intestinal fortitude

It’s been said that even atheists become keenly religious in foxholes.

When we are faced with what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, we do have choices:

  • QUIT

Every member of every team has a say in which of these 3 paths the team takes. 1 member can bring every down resulting in surrender . . . or rally the team to “DEFEND TIL DEATH” or to “ATTACK TIL WE WIN

The team member who influences the whole group becomes the self-appointed LEADER . . . The only who took the initiative and made something happen.

Of course, we like the ATTACK option best, but that one takes some pretty strong intestinal fortitude to pull off a miracle win in the face of such intimidating adversity.

I saw this play out twice this weekend.

The first was my daughter’s soccer game on Saturday (See Don’t defeat yourself)

and then . . .

The Tennessee Titan’s football game yesterday – WOW!

In the first quarter, I projected a big loss against the Detroit Lions.

Then the Titans pulled of a MIRACLE Play on a kick-off return immediately followed by another touchdown . . . Things were looking good.

The Titans then relaxed a bit and made a few mistakes, and the Lions caught up . . . Titans then SURGED ahead AGAIN late in the 4th quarter – I proclaimed them the winner, until . . .

The Lions scored TWO touchdowns in the last 18 seconds of the game to tie.

The Titans scored a field goal in the first possession of overtime and then stopped the lions in their red zone to WIN.

I had written them off 3 times during the game . . . and they won.


When they came on the field yesterday, they had already decided that quitting was NOT an option. I and the other fans could not have known this.

As the game unfolded, it became increasingly clear the defensive play (just playing to keep the other team from scoring) was also not their choice.

The Titans came to WIN!

Many players stepped up as leaders during this game – All of them are heroes in my book . . . Locker (QB) gets HUGE kudos for his part, but it was the special teams guys who just NAILED it.

In every one of your pursuits personally and professionally, you have these 3 choices.

Will you quit?

Will you let yourself get backed into a corner by defending?

or will you stay on the OFFENSIVE?

Eat your wheaties . . . They’re good for strengthening intestinal fortitude.




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